Monday, May 5, 2008

Pandora - Free Customized Internet Radio Station

Pandora is not a newly popped up site, and many people use it for several years. But, it is new for me, so, may be for you too this information is useful. Pandora started in September of 2005 but its real birthday is in 1999 with the "Music Genome Project". This project has been started by a bunch of unemployed musicians, who decided to find a way to share music with each with no restrictions. Now you can create your own radio station based on your search and preferences. To find a new clips, you are even not aware at the moment there is an option to bring you music that is similar to your favorites. If you do not like the track you listened, you can give it a thumb down and you excluded forever from your future music expeditions. You can create as many stations as you want-all for free, with no advertisements.

You do not need any special player to use the site, but note that the dial-up connection is not supported. Registration is not required, as I was able to create The Beatles Radio Station without registering and signing up for the service. However, later, the streaming stopped and Pandora kindly reminded me on the advantages of being a registered user.

In the attached video presentation, the Creator of the Pandora, Tim Westergren, is introducing this nice service to you.

Tim Westergren introduces Pandora


Update 12-29-13: Pandora is pretty much alive and kicking after all these years. One of the best audio streaming services on the market!

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