Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sidekick for Gmail: Enhance your Email Experience

Gmail is great!!! But some developers believe it can be better. And these developers create new plugins, adds-ons, and browser extensions to serve the particular gaps they believe exist in the Google Email service offerings.

Sidekick by HubSpot provides the advanced capabilities, offering powerful contact insight right in your inbox:
* See a person's title, company, social profiles, and recent tweets.
* See recent conversations, email opens/clicks, and other email activity

You can also see easily, who opens and clicks on your emails, giving you the instant feedback you may be looking for:
* Never be stuck wondering. Instantly know when your email was opened.
* See where, when, and how many times they opened/clicked.

With this powerful extension, you can schedule emails to be sent later:
* Schedule emails to be sent in the future.
* Create recurring emails to be dispatched later.

Extension works with…
- Gmail
- Outlook,
- Apple Mail
- Salesforce
- Hubspot

Developers’ website:

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Milouz Market to get easily and keep updated your installed software

For the readers, who like the idea, presented in the previous post for Ninite service, but look for alternative service, here is one more descent option. It is called Milouz Market.

Milouz Market is a free software manager for Windows XP/Vista/7 32/64bits. It allows downloading and installing automatically a list of famous piece of software (more than 200 titles are available). Thanks a functioning community, it also warns if an update is available.

After you have installed the application and flaunched it up for the first time, it runs a scan automatically and displays its findings afterwards in the program interface.

Main Features:
* Detecting installed versions on your computer
* Downloading, installation and update in only ONE click
* Possibility to put in queue several actions
* Silent install without installing advertising program and other toolbars
* Control your updates from the web with an account (optional)
* Select your update channel (Release/Beta/Alpha)
* Save you Internet bandwidth thanks to a communication between your computers in the same local network
* Schedule updates for an automatic execution.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

How to Install and Update All Your Programs at Once with Ninite

Online service Ninite allows you to install numerous free applications at once, with just a few clicks. It is free for personal use, elegantly presented, and easy to follow-up.

Go to and start ticking checkboxes for any free applications, you want to install on your computer. The catalog is rich, and includes not just the all-time favorites such as Google Chrome and VLC, but also less-known utilities like the Greenshot screen capture utility and CutePDF, a quality PDF printer.

List of the included utilities:

Once you are done checking all of the boxes for the applications you would like to install, click the big Get Installer button at the bottom of the page. Your computer will then download a tiny installer, customized according to your software choices. Run it, click "Yes" when Windows asks for Administrative permissions, and leave your computer for automatic installation / upgrade for all the utilities you have selected. Ninite asks no questions while running, and does not force you to click Next-Next-Next, agree to any EULAs, or to do anything else during the installation progress.

Ninite will:

* Start working as soon as you run it
* Not bother you with any choices or options
* install apps in their default location
* say no to toolbars or extra junk
* install 64-bit apps on 64-bit machines
* install apps in your PC's language or one you choose
* do all its work in the background
* install the latest stable version of an app
* skip up-to-date apps
* skip any reboot requests from installers
* use your proxy settings from Internet Explorer
* download apps from each publisher's official site
* verify digital signatures or hashes before running anything
* work best if you turn off any web filters or firewalls
* save you a lot of time!

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