Monday, June 16, 2014

How to use PayPal to send money to somebody, who does not have PayPal account?

With PayPal, you can send money to anyone with an email address by simply signing up for a PayPal account. When you are logged into your account, click the Send Money tab. Then enter your recipient's email address or phone number, and the amount you would like to send.

With PayPal you can send payments in one of these currencies:
* Canadian Dollars
* Euros
* British Pounds
* U.S. Dollars
* Japanese Yen
* Australian Dollars
* New Zealand Dollars
* Swiss Francs
* Hong Kong Dollars
* Singapore Dollars
* Swedish Kronor
* Danish Kroner
* Polish Zlotys
* Norwegian Kroner
* Hungarian Forints
* Czech Koruny
* Israeli Shekels
* Mexican Pesos
* Brazilian Real (only for Brazilian members)
* Malaysian Ringgits (only for Malaysian members)
* Philippine Pesos
* New Taiwan Dollars
* Thai Baht
* TRY for Turkish Liras (only for Turkish members)
* Russian Ruble

As soon as the money is sent, recipient will receive email or text message about the funds delivery. If the recipient is not yet registered with PayPal this email or text message will explain in details on how to open an account and receive the transaction.

If you send money to someone without a PayPal account, it's possible that the recipient won't sign up and claim the money. This can happen, for instance, if the recipient confuses PayPal's "You've got cash" email with unsolicited spam. Also, many people feel uneasy about signing up for a service like PayPal, thinking that they might be charged a bunch of fees or that they'll be victimized if they share their financial information over the Internet. For this reason, you might need to reassure skittish payees before sending them money with PayPal.

If, for whatever reason, the recipient doesn't sign up and claim the payment within 30 days, PayPal will return the funds to your account (or refund your credit card, if that's how you funded the payment). PayPal will also reverse the payment if you try to send a credit card-funded payment to a Personal account and the recipient doesn't upgrade to a Business or Premier account within 30 days to accept the payment. Either way, you can try to resend the money, but your best bet is to contact the recipient separately via email to ensure you have the right email address and that they understand what they need to do to get the money.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Picozu - Comprehensive Online Photo Editor with Twist

Picozu is an online drawing and photo retouching application based on HTML5 and CSS3. The application provides you with an easy yet complex way to edit your photos, draw using various brushes, filters, layers and explore a number of editing tools such as color fill, magic eraser or freehand selection.

Picozu helps you to create charts, collages, demotivators or memes, even generate fractals in just a few easy steps. You can use Picozu with your favorite social media website and edit your profile and album photos. Picozu is the perfect application for everyone that wants to enhance their photos or draw from scratch, as it offers you all the editing options that you need, making the editing process easy and fun. And FREE!

Picozu invites all internet users to join its community for free. There are no subscription requirements and the user can edit as many or as few images as they want. Visitors can explore images without an account, however an account is needed to access all available features. The user is not required to make any purchases and can use Picozu as often as they like.

Main Features

* Built entirely on HTML5, no more pesky Flash
* Rich drawing capabilities, multiple tools and brushes
* Image retouching functions
* Import Adobe Photoshop PSD files and edit them, layers included
* Import and apply Adobe Photoshop curves and color swatches
* Save your work as PNG, JPEG, TIFF or Bitmap images, Adobe PS or PDF as well as Picozu image or workspace
* Multiple images opened in the workspace
* New and streamlined UI
* Dynamic color swatches
* Social media integration
* Import / export images from / to Facebook, Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive, Flickr and many more.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Mosaically – Surprise your friends with professional Mosaic, made with their pictures

Mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other material (Wikipedia).

In general terms, mosaic creation is a very fine, elaborate, and complicated process, requiring professional knowledge and taking the significant amount of time. However, with digital imaging fast development, it is very easy to create mosaic from your picture, imposing the related filter, which is usually available in most freeware and commercial pictures’ editors.

However, what if you want to put mosaic creation on the next level, when the small pieces of mosaic, creating a big picture, are not some kind of patterns, but actually multiple small pictures, combined together in highly professional artistic way.

If you do not have software for that on your computer, you have Internet, where you can find the related available service.

Thus, today, I am presenting high-quality online services from Mosaically. This is a free service which will help you to create your piece of art with no professional knowledge and in matter of minutes.

How it works

Pick up the big picture that you will use as the main background outline. Then add multiple small pictures, that will actually create you mosaic patterns. Then click "Create Photo Mosaic".  That’s all!

Technical Recommendations

* For best result, pick not very complicated big picture and crop it to select the winning area. Then, add as many small pictures as possible, whoever it is better if they have more or less similar color patterns as your big picture has, and crop them too if the default center crop does not look good to you.

To crop your pictures click on the picture you want crop, then, select your crop area, and click on crop. You may also perform other operations like rotating the picture, or removing it from your mosaic.

* You can customize your mosaic, like choosing the size of your small pictures, and what level of colorization and superimposition to apply to your mosaic.

* Interesting feature allows other people to add their own their own pictures to your mosaic, or let them remix their own mosaic based on your mosaic. However, you have the power of decision making since photos, added by others, can be activated only after you approve them.

* If you are reluctant to share your pictures to the open world, you can make your mosaic private so that no one but you can view it.


* As the mosaic is ready, you can share your high resolution, zoomable photo montage online with your friends and family for free.

* You can also embed your high resolution, zoomable photo mosaic on your own website or blog for free.

Downloading and printing

* You can download high resolution JPG image file of your photo mosaic just for $29. It's about 18,000 x 18,000 pixels resolution, and about 50MB in size.

* You can print it as large as 5 by 5 foot, and still see your small pictures in sharp detail. When printing at a local print shop, ask that they print it at full resolution and not downsample it.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Free, Fast, and Painless Photos Sharing

Sometimes, you need to share photos fast, on the go, without using permanent accounts, and with no intentions to keep them after sharing. Free service Share.Pho.To will work for you like a charm.

Main Features:

* No registration needed
Share photos the quickest way possible, without going through the registration process.

* Upload multiple photos at once
Save your time by uploading and sharing several photos at one time!

* Edit photo on the go
Edit this photo set (add, remove or rearrange images, add captions).

* Short and intuitive URLs
Get short image links starting with an intuitive URL address
Get code to embed your images to the web pages and blogs.
Easily share to the major social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Google plus.

* Share everywhere
Instantly share entire photo set or any single image in it and copy embed codes you need.

* Mobile applications
For cross-platforms sharing, use Android and iOS mobile applications.

* Multi-language interface
Choose among multiple languages on the web page for convenience: English, Russian, Spanish, German, French, or Italian.

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