Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What to do if USB Flash Drive does not let you transfer files larger than 4GB?

If your brand new USB drive does not allow you to copy big files, the problem might not be in faulty unit, but in the preset formatting. Your flash drive might have the FAT-32 format, which is known by imposed file size limitations, not permitting you to transfer files larger than 4GB.

In order to remove such limitation, you will have to format your flash drive into the NTFS format.

Note that formatting will essentially erase all the existing files, located on your drive, so it is recommended to copy all the useful information before approaching the following procedure.

In order to format your USB thumb drive to NTFS, please follow the simple steps:
* Right click on “My Computer” and select “Manage”.
* Open the “Device Manager” and find the “USB drive” under the tab “Disk Drives”
* Right click the drive and select Properties.
* Choose “Policies” tab and select “Optimize for performance" option. Click OK.
* Open “My Computer”, Select “Format” on the flash drive.
* Choose “NTFS” in the “File System” dropdown menu.
* Wait for the format completion.

Note, that in some cases, you may need to perform the same operation - format the USB drive - for compatibility issues. All 64GB flash drive/removable drives use an exFAT file system, successor to FAT32 in the FAT family of file systems. However, some cameras and other electronic devices may NOT be compatible with the exFAT file system. Also, devices formatted using exFAT can NOT be read by any version of Windows prior to Windows XP.

Monday, July 21, 2014

How to find new music online?

If you ask Professor Google a question on how to find new music online, you will definitely get tons of suggestions. While all of them are quite legitimate, here is one great way to find new music from the blogosphere. The free service Noon Pacific creates a “mixtape” of up-and-coming songs, all picked by some of the most prominent music blogs on the Web, and delivers it every Monday at noon Pacific time. The interface is very simple and user friendly, representing a list of all the mixtapes, with this week’s addition at the top.

It’s the easiest way to hear the best 10 songs of the week, without having to dig through various blogs, reviews, and new tabs. Best of all, the mix is delivered to your inbox by email at Noon every Monday, so all you have to do is press play. Note that you will have to subscribe via email to receive notification when new material is available. That is optional however, since you can enjoy the service without need to register or sign in.

Creator: Clark Dinnison, Hermosa Beach, California

Monday, July 14, 2014

6 Free services allowing sending anonymous emails without registration

Sometimes you just need to send emails fast, easy, and without spending time and efforts on registration and login. In some cases, you may not even need to receive any feedback from recipient. That might be for the cases when you register your account, but do not plan to receive any communication from the particular service.

Here are 6 services that is essentially a form where you put in details of the email you want to send. Or you want to remain anonymous and do not want to get tracked by the mail recipient. Note that depending on the service below, you might not be able to get back the response from recipient, so look carefully and find a suitable offer, covering your particular needs…

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1. AnonymousEmail

Here you will find only a simple form to fill in the receiver’s address, subject and the email content (you can also attach a file to the email if necessary). You may also get a reply with this service, if you provide a reply-to email address, otherwise this is a one-way ticket to sending an anonymous email. If you leave the From (email) field empty, service will replace it with a random address that will forward for you all replies, and protect your real identity.

2. 5ymail 

Send and receive beautifully formatted messages using its rich-text editor without revealing your true self. You will have to give up a real email to receive your 5ymail inbox credentials. You may use the file attachment feature.

3. W3 Anonymous Remailer

The free anonymous email project is a part of the broader efforts of the George Mason Society and the Global Internet Liberty Campaign. You may send anonymous emails to anyone. You only need to enter the receiver’s email address, subject and the message for the email. There is no option to enter your own address (real or fake) or attach any files to the message.

4. Send Anonymous Email

SendAnonymousEmail is one more site, with a plain and simple interface to enter the sender and receiver’s address, subject and message. No other details are required to send emails with this, and no attachments are available. Note that the IP addresses are logged in the site records to prevent customers to get involved in the illegal activities.

5. Emkei’s Mailer

Emkei’s Mailer is a free online instant mailer with attachments, encryption, HTML editor and advanced settings…

6. Anonymail

Anonymail is one more service allowing to send anonymous email with basic features, as CC and BCC, attachment, and choosing the priority, as in full-features email agents.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

3 Best Free Online Timers to Improve your Efficiency

Some of my blog posts are initiated by my personal needs. The post is related the essential need to find a free online timer which will inform me on the particular time intervals with visual alarm. Here is Toggle Blog post, presenting several good services offering you different sets of features online. Time Tab is the service I have selected, but your need might require a different solution.


Toggl Online Timer is recommended if:

* Your main goal is finishing the job at hand and moving on to another pre-defined task.
* You want to analyze your overall efficiency over a longer period of time.

Toggl is not just great for tracking your billable hours or creating time-sheets. When you start the timer and specify the task, it will keep you focused and determined to finish it. The added bonus with Toggl is that you will have all this tracked time saved on your account and you can always log back in and see charts, reports or create time-sheets with it.

Tomato Timer

Tomato Timer is recommended if:

* Your work is routine and you don’t have many different tasks to work on.
* You tend to procrastinate too much and the productive time is too low.

Tomato Timer is based on the Pomodoro technique that requires you to break up the workday into 25-minute chunks of productive time. After the 25-minutes is up, you get a short break and then the cycle starts again. This online timer will alert you when the 25-minutes or the break time is up.

Timer Tab

Timer Tab is recommended if:

* You need to discipline yourself to finish your tasks in less time than usual.
* You are able to estimate your tasks’ ideal duration.

This simple countdown timer let’s you decide how much time you are willing to spend on a task. You set the countdown duration and when the time is up, it will alert you. By this time, you should be finished with the task at hand and estimate the next countdown duration for the next task.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

International phone-to-phone calls, which are really FREE

Make holiday calls to family and friends overseas at no charge with The service gives you 10 minutes of free talk time to more than 60 countries. The process is simple: just find your local access number on the website and dial it. After listening to a short ad, your call will be connected. A beep lets you know when your time is up. Calls can be placed from a landline or cell phone. 

How to use the service?

* Verify the country you are going to call is on the list.
* Find your local phone number on the list.
* Dial any telephone number (landline) in the allowed destinations, using the standard USA dialing sequence. You will pay for a local call as you would normally do with your phone carrier.
* Listen to short (10-12 seconds) ad.
* Talk to the recipient. The call recipient receives a normal call from you (no ad on their side).
* Listen for short beeps 30 seconds before your call is disconnected.


* You can make an unlimited number of calls to any number during a day using Freephone2phone. However, our intention is not for you to make a full 10-minute call, hang up, then call back the same number and speak for another full 10 minutes over and over. For this reason, if you make, say, an 8-minute call (or more than 5 minutes) to a number, you can then make two more 6-minute calls to that number for the rest of that day. You can still call make 10-minute calls to other numbers during that day.
* No sign up is required. However, if you don't live in the US, you cannot use Freephone2phone.
* In some countries, 10-minute calls were limited to 5 minutes each due to routing capacity (consult to the list).
* Cell phone users: DO NOT PRESS "SEND" when you enter a destination number or your cell provider will charge you! Just dial the number on the system and you will be connected.
* All calls using Freephone2phone must originate in the US. If you travel outside the US, you should not use your US-based cellular phone to reach Freephone2phone. Your US mobile provider will charge you a roaming fee if you use Freephone2phone outside your standard coverage area.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How you can create entirely new identity for yourself?

The free online service - Fake Name Generator - creates entire fake identities including name, address, email, phone number, birthday, mother's maiden name, credit card, and SSN. If you need to shape your new identity to the particular character you are keeping in mind, you can customize your character's sex and name origin (nationality). The Fake Name Generator can be useful in light of situations described in the FNG FAQ.

  • Quality test data can be hard to come by, especially with laws (such as HIPAA) preventing use of real data. We can quickly and affordably generate test data to help you develop your application.
  • Many websites, such message boards, are poorly designed, making it difficult for visitors from foreign countries to sign up for accounts. Using fake information, you can easily fill out the sign up forms and log in to the site.
  • Use fake information when filling out forms to avoid giving out personal information.
  • Generate a false identity to use as your pseudonym on the internet. This allows you to keep your real life and your internet life separate.

According to FNG, all the data set you get is absolutely fake and any matches to your personal, or anyone else, personal information are purely coincidental.

Here is the sample of the generated profile, the service offered me:

Note that the email, given to you, is a working one, redirecting you to the Fake Mail Generator - free disposable email system. Enter your email address into any form on a website that requires email verification, and when the email is received it will pop up instantly on the Fake Mail Generator page. It offers several generic domain names—and even country-specific domains!—to make it easier to get past pesky domain blocks.

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