Thursday, January 15, 2015

How to Repair your Freezing Kindle Paperwhite?

Possible Causes

Kindles typically freeze because the processor load becomes more than the device's limited memory and processing power can handle. This most commonly occurs during periods of high use or when trying to access websites using the Kindle's wireless capabilities. If the device freezes during a time when it is not being used it may be because of reduced power to the processor due to the Kindle's battery being low or outdated firmware that does not fully support the features being used.

Kindle Restart

If your Kindle Paperwhite stops behaving in its usual speedy fashion or freezes, you can typically resolve the problem by doing a menu restart or a hard restart.

Begin by performing a menu restart your Kindle Paperwhite:

* Tap Menu→Settings.
* Tap Menu→Restart (Restart is the third item on the drop-down menu that appears.)

Your Kindle Paperwhite displays the start-up screen and a progress bar. After a minute or so, the device restarts and displays the Home screen.

If the menu restart does not resolve the problem, try a hard restart:

* Press and hold down the power button for 45 seconds (7-15 seconds for a second-generation Kindle Paperwhite).
* The screen goes blank.
* Press the power button again — just a simple press as if you were taking your Kindle Paperwhite out of sleep mode.
* The start-up screen appears with a silhouetted child reading under a tree. In a few seconds, the device begins the restart process and displays a progress bar. When that restart is complete, you see the Home screen.

Sometimes a low battery can be the cause of unexpected Kindle Paperwhite behavior. If you continue to have problems, plug in your device to let it charge for at least an hour and then try a menu restart again, followed by a hard restart if necessary.

Firmware Updates

One way to prevent problems with a Kindle freezing up is to make sure that your Kindle device has the latest firmware version installed. Firmware updates are software installations that upgrade the way that the device itself works, fixing problems and introducing new functions.

If an update is available, your Kindle Paperwhite will download it when you turn on the wireless and connect to a network. If you notice a screen that says Your Kindle Is Updating, this is what is happening.

If you are curious as to whether a more current update is available, you can check at Amazon:
* Go to your Amazon account by typing and log in.
* In the left column, choose Manage Your Devices.
* If a software update is available for your Kindle Paperwhite, a blue i in a white circle will be displayed.
* If you see the i in a circle, click the picture of the Kindle and follow the onscreen instructions to learn more.
* If updates are available, you'll see instructions for determining whether you need to upgrade the firmware and, if so, how to download and manually update your Kindle Paperwhite, if you want.

Note that you do not have to update your Kindle Paperwhite manually, unless you have a problem and you consider firmware upgrades as the way to refresh the program. Necessary updates happen automatically through the wireless connection. Just be aware that if the screen looks different or if you find new features, the device probably went through an automatic update.

Kindle Reset

If all other methods fail, and you have exhausted troubleshooting the issue, you can reset your Kindle Paperwhite back to factory specifications.

Resetting your Kindle Paperwhite should be a last-resort step. Consider calling Amazon Kindle customer service before undertaking a factory reset on your own. The direct toll-free number for Kindle customer service is 1-866-321-8851. Customers outside the United States should call 1-206-266-0927.

To reset your Kindle Paperwhite to its original out-of-the-box state, follow these steps:
* Tap Menu→Settings.
* Tap Menu→Reset Device.
* When you see the warning, tap Yes.

Your Kindle Paperwhite resets. You have to re-register the device with Amazon and download your Kindle e-books and other content from the Cloud at your Amazon account. You also need to retransfer any personal documents that you have loaded on your Kindle Paperwhite from your computer.

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Friday, January 2, 2015

Truly Free – Legally Obtained Free eBooks

For the people who do not use the grey-area downloading resources from the Web to acquire free ebooks, this online discussion club might be a good answer. Note that it is NOT a library, storing the files and offering you for downloading upon request. To comply with the DCMA rules, the club uses a different approach.

So, the private eBooks collection is stored at the owner’s server. The offered ebooks are free and none are located at Truly-free forum website. What you have here – is a book listing. When you submit a book query, Truly-free authorizes an individual Binary Bond (Book Token).

To get your free ebook, check your mail, you registered with. What you find will not be from but will be to your advantage. can authorize, but not issue, Binary Bonds. Your mail will be from a trusted Issuer to whom is relayed your authorization request. Safeguarding your anonymity is the #1 concern.

Ebook formats tend to vary between lists and categories. In general, fiction ebooks are predominantly plain text, HTML, ePub, and Mobi. There is a preponderance of Mobi and ePub in the Stacks; more plain text, HTML and PDF in the A-List. Non-fiction is mostly PDF and ePub.

These ebooks are suited to the Kindle, Nook, Sony, Kobo and Icarus eReaders, along with most other tablets, iPhones and handheld gadgets.

Sign up for membership and get you free ebooks from

Monday, December 29, 2014

How to recover some portion of your vacation costs?

“Carry is an online peer to peer marketplace that connects people who need to ship things with travelers who can carry packages for them.”

There are multiple reasons why people prefer to ship valuable items with people instead of using most convenient transportation means of mail, FedEx, else. Sometimes, that may be a matter of urgency and safety. In others, that may be attempt to beat unreasonably high taxation on shipped items, or overall dysfunctional mail transportation systems in particular countries.

Carry solves all of those pain points by connecting folks who are traveling with people who need things shipped. The two-sided marketplace allows travelers to post their trips and offer to be carriers or for people to post what they want brought to them. It is a win-win situation: people living overseas get their goods and folks traveling can make a little extra cash.

Carriers also get to set the price of each transaction, which the shippers agree to before the trip. They can also refuse to carry any item they are uncomfortable carrying and the site clearly stipulates what is and is not legal, according to both the TSA and USPS. Finally, all packages must be inspected by the carrier before they embark, in order to ensure that everything is there – and that there is not anything that should not be.

Items, being shipped via air, must comply with TSA Rules and Regulations found at

Items, being transported via rail, roadway, sea or any other means of transportation, other than air, should comply with the standards set forth by the US Postal Service at

Note that users must register via Facebook and submit requested information for a background check at Carry’s request.

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