Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fav2Go - Your Favorites in the Cloud

Today, you may have multiple computers and smart electronic devices, and having your favorites and bookmarks somewhere online for safety and sharing purposes, is more important than ever - is a platform that allows you to personalize your own homepage with your own favorites on the web. Innovative architecture, impressing user interface and powerful features provide you the best product for working with just clicks and moves. You do not need to care about things you do not need to care about! All the data is stored in a cloud, available from any place, any device and anytime, just sign-in and use it. Features like sharing allow you to work with your colleagues, friends or co-workers on same projects, or even being updated about everything on the web.

Main Features

* Access your favorites from any browser, device and operation system.
* All your data is synced and stored on a cloud. Access your data from home, work and even while traveling!
* Working on the same project? Have the same interests? - Share groups of favorites with your friends and co-workers.
* Be informed about new websites at the area of your interests or expertise.
* Search favorites faster & smarter
* Just moves and clicks. The interface is built to be efficient, clean, powerful and easy to work with.
* Registration is fast and simple. All you need to provide is email address and create password. No other private information is reuired.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Instant, Easy, and Fast Files Sharing with WeeWee

The online market has everything already. But, everyday, the new services are appearing on the scene. Only those, which are new, fresh, and outstanding, are there to stay. New service, WeeWee, has all chances to become a winner.

WeeWee service has been developed to offer good, free, and reliable solution for the file sharing.

Main Features:
* Minimalistic, easy-to-understand, and easy-to use interface.
* Fast and reliable data uploading.
* Transfer any file extension and any file size to anyone... with a simple click.
* You can control, how long the data will be available on the server before it will be deleted. It may be an hour, a day, a week, a month, or never expired (set as default).
* Service is free, and no registration is required for data uploading or downloading.
* You get a short link in format, which you can share with recipients, tweet, or upload to Facebook directly.


Monday, January 26, 2015

4 Free Services to Test your Internet Speed

Are you having issues with loading web pages or downloading the movies? Do you want to ensure that the Internet speed you are paying for to your provider is indeed is in the range of the proposed service plan? Perform the test. It takes just couple of minutes to do so.

Measuring download and upload speed does not require any software to be installed in your PC. It is simply a matter of transferring a small, non-executable data file from the test server to your PC, and then moving the file back to the server from your PC. That is all that is needed to be done.

Ping measures how fast you get a response back from the test server. The lower the number is the better. If you play online multiplayer games, you will want less than 100 milliseconds. As for uploading and downloading, measurements are given in bits per second. Higher numbers are better. Download speeds will typically be much faster than upload speeds.

You can compare these numbers against the speeds that your Internet service provider promises you. Be sure to run multiple tests over several days at different times. This will give you on overall picture of your connection speed. You also might find specific periods that it is slow.

Before you test your speed, close any other browser tabs. Also, stop any downloads you may have in progress.

Here are the sites you can use:

1.       Your provider site (in my case, it is Comcast).

2.       SpeedTest

Ookla Speedtest service is probably the most popular among competitors, having Over 5 million tests per day and covering more than 2,500 servers worldwide. Actually, Comcast using Ookla service as well.

3.       BandwithPlace

4.       Netmeter

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