Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Why Pay for Quickbooks?

FrontAccounting is an open source accounting and business management software, which may be successfully replacing QuickBooks Pro ($249.95 or $12.95 per month), or, for example, Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting ($379.99 and up) for small and medium sized businesses.

FrontAccounting includes both accounting and basic ERP planning that are suitable for small businesses. It supports multiple languages and currencies, as well as multiple businesses. Operating System: OS Independent


Basic features

Sales and Accounts Receivables
ü  Open Customer Accounts and Customer Branches
ü  Make Sales Areas, Sales Types, Sales Groups, Salesman Groups
ü  Make Sales Groups for grouping Customer Branches
ü  Prepare Sales Quotations (with inquiry and creating of Sales Orders)
ü  Prepare Sales Orders and Goods Delivery Notes
ü  Prepare Customer Invoices and Credit Notes
ü  Make Batch Invoicing for more than one delivery order.
ü  All of the Sales documents are completely editable and printable
ü  Point of sales definitions for better handling of cash sales
ü  Customer Payments and Allocations
ü  Company logos can be attached to sales documents
ü  Dimensions can be selected for Sales Delivery and Invoices
ü  Shipping Costs and Legal Text can be added to Invoices

Purchase and Accounts Payable
ü  Open Supplier accounts
ü  Make Purchase Orders, Goods Receival Notes and Payment Terms
ü  Clearing of Goods Receival Notes
ü  Entry of Supplier price lists & related conversion factor into purchase prices
ü  Prepare Debit Notes and record Credit Notes from Suppliers
ü  Supplier Payments and Allocations
ü  Company logos can be attached on documents
ü  Option of attaching scanned documents with transactions

Inventory and Stocks
ü  Record Stock Items
ü  Define Item Categories and Item Locations
ü  Record location transfers and other adjustments
ü  Set re-order levels for Inventory Items
ü  Automatic calculation of average material cost (per unit)
ü  Application of standard and overhead costs, into material prices
ü  Quantity of Items can be measured into standard units
ü  Foreign codes registration for barcode scanner entry

ü  Prepare bills of materials, Work Center inquiries and Work Order entries
ü  Feasibility of adding advanced production and simple assembling features

Cash and Bank
ü  Open Bank and Petty Cash Accounts
ü  Record payments, deposit and withdrawals in related accounts
ü  Various currencies can be added and foreign currency translation is also done
ü  Record bank enquiries and reports
ü  Prepare bank accounts reconciliation
ü  Transactions can be made void and reprinted

General ledger
ü  Open general ledger accounts, account classes and groups
ü  Record journal entries and budget entries
ü  Generate ledger accounts detailed enquiries with drill down reports
ü  Make journal enquiries with an option to view journal entries
ü  Closes the fiscal year and brings forward retained earnings
ü  Record depreciation entries on period based
ü  Make journal entries with corresponding entry in supplier / customer account
ü  Filter General Ledger reports by dimensions
ü  Quick entries (preset GL transactions) in bank deposit/payment, journal entry and supplier invoice/credit
ü  Ability to enter a back dated transaction.

ü  Print, Email and Convert into PDF; all the reports
ü  Export the reports in MS Excel/Open Office Calc format
ü  Generate reports on periodic and financial years basis
ü  Email documents directly to customers
ü  Make graphical analysis (Horizontal/Vertical Bars, Dot Lines, Pies and Donuts)
ü  Tag and save report selections

Access levels and adaptation
ü  Different companies can be set-up simultaneously
ü  Separate financial years can be created and closed against entries
ü  Multi user access with different privileges
ü  Make backups and restore for companies
ü  Date Picker with week numbers for all date fields
ü  Simple Audit Trails
ü  Extensions for customizing menu tabs and applications

Advanced Features

Multi-Currency Support
ü  Historical Currency Rates
ü  Multi-Currency Bank Accounts, Customers And Suppliers
ü  Multi-Currency needs improvement at transaction level - For every sales transaction currency is stored in related customer data. To change this you will have to add currency in sales transaction (sales_order/debtor_trans record) and use customer setting only as default for new transaction. Beside this you will have to extend upgrade routines and standard sql database script en_US-demo/en_US-new. All the work should not take more than a couple of hours (plus tests). The same have to be done probably on purchase side.

Advanced GST/VAT handling
ü  GST/VAT can be selected on Customer, Supplier and Item basis
ü  Advanced GST/VAT report for details and outputs/inputs

Language and Calendar Support
ü  Full support for localization by the GNU's gettext package
ü  Multi language support with right to left support in Arabic language
ü  Different chart of accounts can be installed and activated
ü  Jalali and Islamic calendars are supported

Other Details
ü  Every document can be emailed and printed simultaneously
ü  PDF can be formatted for every document
ü  Projects, Cost Centers, Departments can be added, using Dimensions

Installation Pre-requisites

ü  A working HTTP web server eg. Apache, IIS.
ü  PHP installed on the web server.
ü  A working MySQL server - with innodb tables enabled (see notes below)
ü  Adobe Acrobat Reader - or another PDF reader for viewing the PDF reports before printing them out.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Would you like to try free online handwriting test?


Handwriting is as unique as a fingerprint, and characteristics within the way that the words and letters are formed can often say more about the person than the writing itself.

Follow these instructions to find out how to analyze some handwriting and discover the inner secrets within...

How it works

You will be asked to find or produce a suitable handwriting sample and then answer a series of questions about the handwriting on-line. The questions are fairly simple, and there are on-screen examples for each of the characteristics to look for.

After you have completed answering the questions, you will submit the answers by clicking a button on-screen. The data received will be processed by the Graphonomizer handwriting analysis software, and a FULL FREE report of the personality traits found, which includes a bar chart and 500 - 1,200-word description, will be displayed on screen, within a few seconds.

What you will need

Some handwriting to analyze (see below for more detail about this)
Magnifying glass (to help see smaller details)
Tracing paper (optional)
Patience (It may take 20 minutes to an hour to do the analysis)

The handwriting Sample

The handwriting sample is best if it is…
Written on plain paper
Written in fountain pen, although a ball point pen or similar is fine
A reasonable size (more than 15 lines)
Signed with a typical signature

What you will get

After you have answered all of the questions, and clicked on the submit button, you will be taken to a new page which will contain your FULL FREE handwriting analysis report.

The report will tell you about personality traits, emotions, and other details derived by the Graphonomizer from the answers you gave about the handwriting. This report will include a bar chart showing scores for the eight major personality traits, and a 500 - 1,200-word personality description.
To see an example of a report, click on the report icon opposite.

Friday, October 7, 2016

iNoJB - Cydia alternative with no jailbreak!

I do not use iOS anymore. Due to the lack of flexibility and lower choice of the available software, I have moved long time ago to the combination of Windows and Android on my electronic gadgets. For the same reason, I am really publishing any hints, related to Mac and iOS.

But if you are a devoted iOS fan, you are probably familiar with Cydia – a more or less legal alternative to the Apple's App Store, which can be installed on the "jailbroken" devices. Jailbreaking is the process of the iOS modification, which prevents many careful users from getting this services and extending the software choice capabilities.

From these perspectives, iNoJB is the alternative to Cydia, offering the similar capabilities, but not requiring the jailbreaking the devices. Using the wider capabilities, offered by the software, included in iNoJB, you will be able to the way you use your phone.

Main Features:
* Quick
The iNoJB site and app run on powerful dedicated servers, allowing you to use the app with ease and speed! Any advertisements on the site help us pay for the servers. Please don't be angry if you see them.

* Customizable
Everything in iNoJB is customizable. Custom repositories, themes, user accounts, and more!

* Easy
Our simple and detail packed user interface makes it easy for anyone to use iNoJB with ease!

* Global
The site runs on a server with extreme speed. Allowing us to push all content hosted on the site to anyone around the globe!

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