Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Why Pay for Quickbooks?

FrontAccounting is an open source accounting and business management software, which may be successfully replacing QuickBooks Pro ($249.95 or $12.95 per month), or, for example, Sage Peachtree Complete Accounting ($379.99 and up) for small and medium sized businesses.

FrontAccounting includes both accounting and basic ERP planning that are suitable for small businesses. It supports multiple languages and currencies, as well as multiple businesses. Operating System: OS Independent


Basic features

Sales and Accounts Receivables
ü  Open Customer Accounts and Customer Branches
ü  Make Sales Areas, Sales Types, Sales Groups, Salesman Groups
ü  Make Sales Groups for grouping Customer Branches
ü  Prepare Sales Quotations (with inquiry and creating of Sales Orders)
ü  Prepare Sales Orders and Goods Delivery Notes
ü  Prepare Customer Invoices and Credit Notes
ü  Make Batch Invoicing for more than one delivery order.
ü  All of the Sales documents are completely editable and printable
ü  Point of sales definitions for better handling of cash sales
ü  Customer Payments and Allocations
ü  Company logos can be attached to sales documents
ü  Dimensions can be selected for Sales Delivery and Invoices
ü  Shipping Costs and Legal Text can be added to Invoices

Purchase and Accounts Payable
ü  Open Supplier accounts
ü  Make Purchase Orders, Goods Receival Notes and Payment Terms
ü  Clearing of Goods Receival Notes
ü  Entry of Supplier price lists & related conversion factor into purchase prices
ü  Prepare Debit Notes and record Credit Notes from Suppliers
ü  Supplier Payments and Allocations
ü  Company logos can be attached on documents
ü  Option of attaching scanned documents with transactions

Inventory and Stocks
ü  Record Stock Items
ü  Define Item Categories and Item Locations
ü  Record location transfers and other adjustments
ü  Set re-order levels for Inventory Items
ü  Automatic calculation of average material cost (per unit)
ü  Application of standard and overhead costs, into material prices
ü  Quantity of Items can be measured into standard units
ü  Foreign codes registration for barcode scanner entry

ü  Prepare bills of materials, Work Center inquiries and Work Order entries
ü  Feasibility of adding advanced production and simple assembling features

Cash and Bank
ü  Open Bank and Petty Cash Accounts
ü  Record payments, deposit and withdrawals in related accounts
ü  Various currencies can be added and foreign currency translation is also done
ü  Record bank enquiries and reports
ü  Prepare bank accounts reconciliation
ü  Transactions can be made void and reprinted

General ledger
ü  Open general ledger accounts, account classes and groups
ü  Record journal entries and budget entries
ü  Generate ledger accounts detailed enquiries with drill down reports
ü  Make journal enquiries with an option to view journal entries
ü  Closes the fiscal year and brings forward retained earnings
ü  Record depreciation entries on period based
ü  Make journal entries with corresponding entry in supplier / customer account
ü  Filter General Ledger reports by dimensions
ü  Quick entries (preset GL transactions) in bank deposit/payment, journal entry and supplier invoice/credit
ü  Ability to enter a back dated transaction.

ü  Print, Email and Convert into PDF; all the reports
ü  Export the reports in MS Excel/Open Office Calc format
ü  Generate reports on periodic and financial years basis
ü  Email documents directly to customers
ü  Make graphical analysis (Horizontal/Vertical Bars, Dot Lines, Pies and Donuts)
ü  Tag and save report selections

Access levels and adaptation
ü  Different companies can be set-up simultaneously
ü  Separate financial years can be created and closed against entries
ü  Multi user access with different privileges
ü  Make backups and restore for companies
ü  Date Picker with week numbers for all date fields
ü  Simple Audit Trails
ü  Extensions for customizing menu tabs and applications

Advanced Features

Multi-Currency Support
ü  Historical Currency Rates
ü  Multi-Currency Bank Accounts, Customers And Suppliers
ü  Multi-Currency needs improvement at transaction level - For every sales transaction currency is stored in related customer data. To change this you will have to add currency in sales transaction (sales_order/debtor_trans record) and use customer setting only as default for new transaction. Beside this you will have to extend upgrade routines and standard sql database script en_US-demo/en_US-new. All the work should not take more than a couple of hours (plus tests). The same have to be done probably on purchase side.

Advanced GST/VAT handling
ü  GST/VAT can be selected on Customer, Supplier and Item basis
ü  Advanced GST/VAT report for details and outputs/inputs

Language and Calendar Support
ü  Full support for localization by the GNU's gettext package
ü  Multi language support with right to left support in Arabic language
ü  Different chart of accounts can be installed and activated
ü  Jalali and Islamic calendars are supported

Other Details
ü  Every document can be emailed and printed simultaneously
ü  PDF can be formatted for every document
ü  Projects, Cost Centers, Departments can be added, using Dimensions

Installation Pre-requisites

ü  A working HTTP web server eg. Apache, IIS.
ü  PHP installed on the web server.
ü  A working MySQL server - with innodb tables enabled (see notes below)
ü  Adobe Acrobat Reader - or another PDF reader for viewing the PDF reports before printing them out.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Would you like to try free online handwriting test?


Handwriting is as unique as a fingerprint, and characteristics within the way that the words and letters are formed can often say more about the person than the writing itself.

Follow these instructions to find out how to analyze some handwriting and discover the inner secrets within...

How it works

You will be asked to find or produce a suitable handwriting sample and then answer a series of questions about the handwriting on-line. The questions are fairly simple, and there are on-screen examples for each of the characteristics to look for.

After you have completed answering the questions, you will submit the answers by clicking a button on-screen. The data received will be processed by the Graphonomizer handwriting analysis software, and a FULL FREE report of the personality traits found, which includes a bar chart and 500 - 1,200-word description, will be displayed on screen, within a few seconds.

What you will need

Some handwriting to analyze (see below for more detail about this)
Magnifying glass (to help see smaller details)
Tracing paper (optional)
Patience (It may take 20 minutes to an hour to do the analysis)

The handwriting Sample

The handwriting sample is best if it is…
Written on plain paper
Written in fountain pen, although a ball point pen or similar is fine
A reasonable size (more than 15 lines)
Signed with a typical signature

What you will get

After you have answered all of the questions, and clicked on the submit button, you will be taken to a new page which will contain your FULL FREE handwriting analysis report.

The report will tell you about personality traits, emotions, and other details derived by the Graphonomizer from the answers you gave about the handwriting. This report will include a bar chart showing scores for the eight major personality traits, and a 500 - 1,200-word personality description.
To see an example of a report, click on the report icon opposite.

Friday, October 7, 2016

iNoJB - Cydia alternative with no jailbreak!

I do not use iOS anymore. Due to the lack of flexibility and lower choice of the available software, I have moved long time ago to the combination of Windows and Android on my electronic gadgets. For the same reason, I am really publishing any hints, related to Mac and iOS.

But if you are a devoted iOS fan, you are probably familiar with Cydia – a more or less legal alternative to the Apple's App Store, which can be installed on the "jailbroken" devices. Jailbreaking is the process of the iOS modification, which prevents many careful users from getting this services and extending the software choice capabilities.

From these perspectives, iNoJB is the alternative to Cydia, offering the similar capabilities, but not requiring the jailbreaking the devices. Using the wider capabilities, offered by the software, included in iNoJB, you will be able to the way you use your phone.

Main Features:
* Quick
The iNoJB site and app run on powerful dedicated servers, allowing you to use the app with ease and speed! Any advertisements on the site help us pay for the servers. Please don't be angry if you see them.

* Customizable
Everything in iNoJB is customizable. Custom repositories, themes, user accounts, and more!

* Easy
Our simple and detail packed user interface makes it easy for anyone to use iNoJB with ease!

* Global
The site runs on a server with extreme speed. Allowing us to push all content hosted on the site to anyone around the globe!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

4 Free Online Services, Helping you to Write Professional Love Letter to your Sweetheart

1. Valentine’s Day Love Letter Generator

Fill out your names, select the options and press "Render". You'll get a chance to preview your letter before you send it. If you don't like it then feel free to generate another one.

Hint: If you want to quickly generate a serious love letter rather than a comical one, then always select "SKIP THIS SECTION" when possible (with the exception of the very last option of adding kisses).

And that is a letter I got, when I filled all the details:

My dearest Tanya,

A fire inside me burns with fiery passion to unleash what I am about to say to you! And only the sweet nectar from your lips may vanquish this fiery inferno.

Should a thousand angels tear out my heart with the forsaken instrument of death, it would still beat for you a million times and call your name in the night. I just cannot explain the passion inside which burns for you.

What person in their sane mind could resist your gorgeous hazel eyes which remind me of hazel nuts (even though technically speaking they are not the same color), but you know what I mean, my love.

Your lovely red hair has always amazed me. It reminds me of strands of shiny copper wool (believe it or not, copper wool actually does exist! Honest I did a search on Google and found a picture) Although I wouldn't use your hair to clean out a frying pan with, so please don't worry about that and stop hiding the scissors.

I've always enjoyed walking along the beach with you. Just the two of us alone, walking along while the sun sets. I know there's always the fear of not finding our way back in the dark (because beaches don't have street lights installed) but fear not my love, because I bought one of those LED torches the other day, so rest assured we will be OK.

Words alone cannot express how unique my love is for you. I love you, and you only, I swear that to you my love ....having said that I do love my car which I've just bought recently. I promise to take you out in it, and because I am so happy about the car, I promise I won't try and make you put out as always. Well at least you won't slap me for touching you in an anti-social manner in front of old ladies, but thats not important right now! (But if you ever see me drooling over it, then it is important, unless you get mad because I am not giving you any attention)

I have to tell you one thing though. I really do love your eyes. I think that is the most amazing part of you, and is the most amazing thing on this planet! God, I wish I could do nothing but stare at your beautiful eyes all day (besides eating, drinking and sleeping of course). That would be pure heaven for me!

I will forever be thinking about you, and I love you with every beat from my aching, burning heart which will wither away and die without your sweet nectar-like words!

I live only to please your fiery carnal desires,



Pretty impressive letter, I would say!

2. Love Letter Generator

This is a simple to use tool than can assist you if you want to write some love words to your lover but you aren’t really inspired at the moment or this area simply isn’t your cup of tea.

Ready to use and highly personal the love letter generator will keep your mind away of any of the troubles encountered when trying to write such a note. The relevant words to use are left to your choice so you decide the love letter style and how much you want to personalize it. Whether you want a timeless letter or a funny love note to show your other half how much you care this is a great tool to help you do that. You can even download your love letter in a nice format by clicking the “Write Love Letter” button if you want to be past the practicality of an e-mail and send it in a perfumed envelope maybe.

This is a quick way for you to write down your feelings based on a simple template in which you add what you want to say or what you thing. Just try it once with the first words that come in mind when you think of your loved one. You can then adjust your language to create a cute love letter or just a plain classical one. You can use this generator as your inspiration and further develop your note.

Example of the letter:

Oh, precious, Tanya,

I need to confess something to you. Ever since I met you, I can only think of your radiant, hazel eyes. You filled my heart with unexpected joy and my head with amazing dreams of us together. My love can only grow more and more each day.

I dream of us travel and from time to time I would gently stroke your ginger hair while you keep smiling. In moments like these my life would simply be complete.

When I’m alone in the quiet, it always feels like I can hear your voice, whispering me sweet nothings, just like the blessed music of a guitar. I wanted to tell you this from a long time ago, you are as essential to me as is my blouse.

My Beloved Tanya, please be sure I mean everything this love letter carries to you with all my heart. Once I saw your lovely eyes I knew there won’t be anything more precious to me in this whole world. I want to take you away from the ordinary, away from any upset or misfortune and we shall go together to Harbin Hot Springs.

You are the best I ever had and I must be the luckiest person to have you in my life. You are my sunny day in autumn. I’d give up all the Sushi in the world to know that you will be right there beside me for the rest of our lives.

My heart skips a beat at the thought that soon I will bring you red roses to show you once more how dedicated I am to you, for all eternity.

Love and kisses,

3. OOCities Love Letter

This Love Letter generator has a different algorithm. You can select from the drop-down menu different continuations of the sentences of your creation. So, in a way, you are more in power of writing what you want to express. But, that would definitely be not so artistic as in the previous cases.

Example of the letter:

Dear Beautiful
I am so in love with you.
You and I are forever.
I miss you dearly and I would do anything just to see you smile.
Please agree to never break my heart and if possible, make my dreams come true.
If you will make love with me tonight I would be willing to make it worth it.
I hope and pray you will allow me the chance.

4. Love Poem Generator

This service offers not just love letter, but Love Letter in poetic form, probably, for fast and sure capturing the heart of the object of your desire!

You answer several questions, posting some words and definitions, and click on the final button to create your masterpiece.

Here is what I got:

For my love, Tanya.

I feel so happy and sad sometimes,
When I think of you each night and day,
And when I see you, I see eyes,
I love you more than words can say...

You're so gorgeous! This love is obsession!
I can't resist your warmth, it's true!
The corals and soul fade into shadows...
I am absolutely crazy for you!

Your soul is sweet; your heart is loving,
And my heart is truly in your hands.
I could touch and hug 'til life was done,
But YOU are the focus of my plans.

This deep happiness is gorgeous my love,
And for you, Tanya, I thank Heaven above.

All my love, Michael x

And there are the follow-up recommendations from creators, inspiring you to shape up the letter manually, making it really special!

Though our free love poem generator is terrific, and the poem should be fantastic as it is, a machine cannot compare to the poetic nature of a human (you!). So use your free poetry as a starting point; see if you can tweak the lines a little and add your own personal touches for a truly personalized experience. When it's ready, write it into a card, or a letter to serve with flowers and chocolates; read it out loud when they least expect it; layer it over an image of you together... the possibilities are endless! Whatever you do, keep your love for romance alive!

Well, so many options for you to choose from… Be creative, be funny, be original. Use the generated letter as the starting point for your own lyrical expression of your feelings. All your efforts will be appreciated. And if not… may be that is not a right person for you?

Saturday, September 3, 2016

3 Free Applications Helping you to Catch Pokemon in Style

If you belong to the tribe of the Pokemon hunters, you may need more technologically advanced assistance on top of the tools offered by the basic application, installed on your smart phone.

There are several free services which can offer you such assistance:

1. PokeOnMap (

Find all Pokemon near you (or a selected target location) in real time for Pokemon Go. Pokemon nearby will be marked along with their appearance timer on the map. These are real time Pokemon locations, meaning they are currently live and can be found exactly at the marked spots. By moving the map, you can change the pokemon area to be scanned. For the more advanced and demanding players, you have ability to select only the particular Pokemon on map.

The free assistant, developed by famous cheap ticket finder application team, helps you to locate the live Pokemon in your area or area you are choosing for virtual exploration. You get the pokemon, and the time when it is going to disappear.

Poke Radar for Pokemon GO is a community based assistant application for discovering the location of any Pokemon that's been found by other players. You can view all of the nearby Pokemon in your area that have been discovered by yourself and other players on the map, along with the times of day they were found.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Salty Beer – the easiest way to record Skype Calls

Salty Beer – is the free for personal use utility, offering an easy way to record Skype calls and podcast interviews. It is great for lessons, interviews, investigation activities, or just for having fun.

Main Features:

* Simply Simple. SaltyBeer puts ease of use first. One Click to start or stop recording.
* Highest Quality. Support highest Skype video resolution.
* Picture-In-Picture. Record your video sessions exactly as you see them. Save as Picture-In-Picture, Side-By-Side automatically.
* Supported operating systems: Windows and Mac

Monday, July 25, 2016

GifGif - Free online GIF maker

Why you may need a nice Animated GIF file?
May be you need an easily remembered birthday greeting?
Or you want to draw much attention to what you are saying on your Facebook page?

Now, when the animated gifts are supported on most social media sites, and not just on the special once, it becomes a really popular kind of graphic expression.

There are numerous tutorials and software packages, helping you to create such “moving pictures”, but most people do not have time for gaining knowledge through the learning curve, and basically ignore such possibility. But if I tell you that you can create animated GIF fast, easily, and with not sophisticated process steps, would you be interested to try?

Well, free online animated GIF maker is all what you need. is a first online GIF editor with multitrack editing feature. Merge videos + images + GIFs into a single GIF. Convert any YouTube video to GIF.

Main Features:

·         Create GIF from any online video (supported sites Youtube, Vine, and Coub)
·         Cut and crop
·         Add text (timed captions)
·         Import JPG/PNG images or animated GIFs
·         Change speed
·         Change direction (normal, reverse, ping pong)
·         Combine (merge) videos, images and GIFs
·         No watermark
·         No registration is required


Took me 1 minute to figure out what to do and create this GIF from YouTube video. 

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Veggiesouls – Free Vegan Cookbook

Veganism is a way of living that seeks to exclude, as far as possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing and any other purpose (Vegan Society of the UK, 1944).

Properly planned vegan diets] are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases…. are appropriate for individuals during all stages of the life cycle, including pregnancy, lactation, infancy, childhood, and adolescence, and for athletes (American Dietetic Association, 2009)

For many people, the main reason, preventing people to become vegans, is related to the core belief that the vegan food, while maybe healthy, is not fulfilling and is not tasty.

Happiness and food are really highly connected, from the pleasure of cooking and eating to the changes in brain chemistry that food can bring about. Eating is one of the great sensual pleasures in life, and food effects the pleasure and reward centers in our brains in the same way drugs do and this can lead to people experiencing the same problems with food as they do with drugs.

People who love to eat are always the best people (Julia Child)

There is no sincerer love than the love of food (George Bernard Shaw)

Can we make sure that the vegan food will bring us the same, if not higher, emotional and physical satisfaction? Can we make the vegan food at least as delicious as non-vegan? That depends on the cook. And the free vegan cookbook, offered by Veggiesouls might be your assistant in becoming a pro – for you, for your family, for your friends. Nothing can beat quality home-made food, right?

Veggiesouls is your place to find vegan recipes for your breakfast, lunch and dinner. They also have a lot of vegan cakes and other desserts. Select the type of vegan recipe you are looking for in the top of the page, and be inspired!

Veganism is not a "sacrifice." It is a joy (Gary L. Francione)

Basically, whatever type of vegan recipe you are looking for, you will find here – and they are all delicious and taste-tested!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Ludwig – Smart and Free Writing Assistant

How much time does it take you to express an idea in well written English?

Conveying ideas with words is much harder if you have to write it in a foreign language. Why? Just because…

ü  Automatic translation and correction software are just not good enough
ü  Human translation and proofreading are both time consuming and expensive
ü  Browsing several websites, forums and blogs is annoying
ü  You can still bother your English friend for help, but even your best friend’s patience has a limit

Ludwig is a smart translator and linguistic search engine which helps you to find the perfect word or sentence to express your ideas.

The main functions

1. Search. Write in Ludwig’s search bar in English to find and compare your sentences with a set of relevant examples coming from good sources

2. Translate. If you write in using a language other than English, you will get a translation together with a set of contextualized English example sentences, like this example here:

3. Dictionary. Ludwig has also an interactive dictionary that you can access both by searching for a single word or by double clicking on any word in the results!

4. Idioms. Ludwig provides you also with a special section for idioms

5. Advanced. Finally, it has also advanced search functions. For instance, by using the asterisk * between two words, you will discover the words that fit the best for the context.

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