Monday, July 25, 2016

GifGif - Free online GIF maker

Why you may need a nice Animated GIF file?
May be you need an easily remembered birthday greeting?
Or you want to draw much attention to what you are saying on your Facebook page?

Now, when the animated gifts are supported on most social media sites, and not just on the special once, it becomes a really popular kind of graphic expression.

There are numerous tutorials and software packages, helping you to create such “moving pictures”, but most people do not have time for gaining knowledge through the learning curve, and basically ignore such possibility. But if I tell you that you can create animated GIF fast, easily, and with not sophisticated process steps, would you be interested to try?

Well, free online animated GIF maker is all what you need. is a first online GIF editor with multitrack editing feature. Merge videos + images + GIFs into a single GIF. Convert any YouTube video to GIF.

Main Features:

·         Create GIF from any online video (supported sites Youtube, Vine, and Coub)
·         Cut and crop
·         Add text (timed captions)
·         Import JPG/PNG images or animated GIFs
·         Change speed
·         Change direction (normal, reverse, ping pong)
·         Combine (merge) videos, images and GIFs
·         No watermark
·         No registration is required


Took me 1 minute to figure out what to do and create this GIF from YouTube video. 

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