Sunday, October 23, 2011

Resumizer - free online instant resume creator

You want to find your dream job? You want to find a better job to get you moving forward professionally? You want to find any job to cover your bills?

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In any case, you need one, the most important document, which will sell your valuable skills, experience, and traits to prospective employees. When the economy is not in the best shape, getting a job is not easy. And the first step is to make your resume professional and appealing. You need to get a chance, you need an interview, and without good resume that would not be possible (unless you have strong protection or internal references).

As a hiring manager, I saw multiple resumes, and I can tell you, that more than 50% of submitters did not have a single case to advance to the interview step of the hiring process. I can also assure you that percent of instantly rejected resume in the typical HR departments is much higher. Take your time, create and polish your resume to the very small details, and your chance will be much higher that you will be chosen.

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Today, I would like to present Resumizer - a free, online resume creator. You can write and print your resume in a few simple steps, with many styles, options, and tips to guide you. No fees, sign-ups, or memberships required.

The free resume creator offers several resume layout styles, with provisions for your educational and employment history, and sections to enter your skills and qualifications. Selections are available for your choice of typeface, text color, and accent color. Resumizer free resume creator allows you to preview your resume at any point in the creation process. Editing your free resume can be easily performed at any point in the creation process. Upon completion you can print your resume online or download it to print copies as needed later. free resume creator online

Aside from our free resume creator, you can get valuable help and tips that show how to write a resume, the use of action verbs, the proper format, and printing tips.

The best part of the Resumizer resume maker system is that you can return later to edit your resume should your information change or new information need to be added.

Main Features
  • No cost to use, no membership is required, there is no need to join, just come and use it whenever you wish.
  • There are many options available to you to customize your resume. Use the options you like; leave the others blank. See tips and suggestions on best practices of resume writing.
  • There are many popular layout styles to choose from, and you can choose one, which fit your expertise, line of business, and personal preferences.
  • The type face, text color, and accent colors can all be selected according to your taste.
  • Each section has extra space for you to add anything special that you require.
  • You can easily preview your resume as the creation process progresses.
  • The finished product can be printed immediately or downloaded and printed later.
  • Your cell phone number, email address, and webpage address can all be included if you desire.
  • You can return at any time and load your free resume into the system to be edited and updated as needed.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011

BillGuard - Free Monitoring for your Credit Card Transactions

Growing amount of the financial transactions, people are doing online and through the phone with their credit cards is steadily growing. In parallel, goes up the volume of the financial fraud associated with this kind of activities.  Since credit companies usually safeguard you, and mostly themselves from the money losses associated, the account monitoring is always enabled through the special professional groups. You get alert every time, when the suspicious transaction is noticed, and you have a chance to confirm or reject it promptly.

But, if are still paranoid on the possible negative consequences, or you want to be absolutely in charge of what is going on your credit cards accounts activities, you can add an additional level of security on top of the one, credit companies are already providing. This additional level of security can be spelled as BillGuard.

BillGuard is a free personal finance security service that alerts you to unwanted and unauthorized transactions on your credit card and debit card bills. Here's how it works.

You part is simple and straightforward. You register all your credit cards on the site, and let service to monitor them real time.

BillGuard scans your card activity daily for hidden charges, billing errors, forgotten subscriptions, scams and fraud, and alerts you via email when your attention is required. Each new transaction is analyzed by over 100 automated tests. BillGuard also scours the web for complaints posted by others about similar charges and merchants that appear on your bills.

A scan report is emailed to you monthly, providing a quick overview of BillGuard's findings and an indication of how clean your cards are. Alerts are emailed immediately, giving you the peace of mind to use your cards freely. Reviewing and verifying questionable transactions makes BillGuard smarter
and better at protecting you and everyone else.

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The advantage of having the BillGuard online account is not limited to the monitoring for fraud and illegal transactions, but that will also keep your financial activities all together, helping to located legitimate, but unneeded charges, you may not be noticing, like for 24-hours Fitness you stopped attending, or subscription for American Baby Magazine, started when your teenager son has just been born.

But you want to ask how secure is your data at BillGuard? You do not want to add one more leak source for the private financial information, in any case. BillGuard assures that your data privacy and security is our #1 priority for the service activities, and always will be. BillGuard has been engineered from the ground up to comply with and even exceed the industry's highest security standards for financial data. BillGuard makes money by providing card protection services to banks, so I guess, it is reasonably safe to assume that your data will be safe there.

BillGuard utilizes bank-level AES 256bit encryption for all communications and all data processing is performed on servers isolated from direct access to the Internet. The systems are monitored by our own security staff 24/7 and audited daily by Verisign and McAfee HackerSafe. Regular penetration testing is performed by Security-Art.

Also, when you register a card with BillGuard, you provide site servers read-only access to your credit/debit card statements online. This is required for BillGuard to monitor and protect your card activity daily. Even in the unlikely event that someone would hack into your BillGuard account, they would not be able to transfer money or make any changes to your financial accounts.

BillGuard does not store your credit/debit card account login credentials or ask for any personally identifiable information beyond an email address (for alerts) and your zip code.

Experts agree on the site reliability and safety. Just recently BillGuard got Best of Show at Finovate 2011!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

8 URL Expanders to View and Investigate Shortened Links

Several years ago, I have posted the presentation devoted to the URL shorteners, and offered there some examples of when and how they can be potentially useful for the Internet users. However, there are opposite cases, when you get short URL might hide spam link or direct you to the fishing sites in order to capture personal information, or even worse, can redirect you to malicious web sites containing dangerous malware, which is unhealthy to your computer.

If you are not sure, what can be hiding behind the short URL, and you want to expand it to the real URL address, which will allow you to make more informative decision, if you want to go there, as usual you can get help from the free Web services. These services will uncover the original links, when you submit the questionable shortened URL.

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This is a short list, selected by the platform.

Web-based Services

  1. LongURL.
  2. URL  X-ray.
  3. Clybs.

Firefox Plugins

LongURL Mobile Expander.
Google Chrome Plugins

  1. Tactical URL Expander.
  2. ChromeMUSE. This plugin presents the possibility to expend the short URL, or shorten the real URL, working both ways.
  3. Miniscurl Universal URL Shortener/Expander. The same as previous service, can offer both links shortening and expansion.

Android Smart Phones

Long URL Expander.

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