Sunday, October 2, 2011

8 URL Expanders to View and Investigate Shortened Links

Several years ago, I have posted the presentation devoted to the URL shorteners, and offered there some examples of when and how they can be potentially useful for the Internet users. However, there are opposite cases, when you get short URL might hide spam link or direct you to the fishing sites in order to capture personal information, or even worse, can redirect you to malicious web sites containing dangerous malware, which is unhealthy to your computer.

If you are not sure, what can be hiding behind the short URL, and you want to expand it to the real URL address, which will allow you to make more informative decision, if you want to go there, as usual you can get help from the free Web services. These services will uncover the original links, when you submit the questionable shortened URL.

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This is a short list, selected by the platform.

Web-based Services

  1. LongURL.
  2. URL  X-ray.
  3. Clybs.

Firefox Plugins

LongURL Mobile Expander.
Google Chrome Plugins

  1. Tactical URL Expander.
  2. ChromeMUSE. This plugin presents the possibility to expend the short URL, or shorten the real URL, working both ways.
  3. Miniscurl Universal URL Shortener/Expander. The same as previous service, can offer both links shortening and expansion.

Android Smart Phones

Long URL Expander.

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Rian Visser said...

Thanks, another great resource is They also support adfly and linkbucks links.

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