Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BarterQuest - Free Exchange for Goods and Services

I bet you have items at home, which you do not need. There are multiple options to dispose them: you may through them away in garbage, arrange garage sale, give away as a gift or donation, sell on eBay or on Craigslist, or just place on a sidewalk with attached note “Free”.

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However, there is one more option available, you may consider – trade it. Some staff you don’t need may be wanted by another person, who has something you would like to get in exchange. On BarterQuest you can trade for electronics, antiques, furniture, instruments, or anything else, as a matter of fact. There is even a section for working vehicles or aircrafts, and real estate.

If you have nothing to give away, you can still find their services useful because you can also trade for services. For instance, if you are a tax adviser or a yoga teacher, you might be able to swap your professional services for graphic design or any other needed expertise.

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The system is very flexible system. You can make multiple offers involving the same item. An offer doesn’t cost you anything and doesn’t commit you to anything. There is a MultiParty trade option, when the trading arrangements are more complex, involving multiple participants in linked deal.

Every trade consists of:
·         An offer
·         An acceptance
·         A confirmation of the trade by the user who made the offer

After registering, you are encouraged to post the items you have and the items you may want in exchange. Registration is not necessary to browse the site, but you cannot trade without registering and posting an item you have. When you link haves with wants, a Matching engine can instantly match you for potential trades. Whether you find a match or not, you can make unlimited offers with the same item and make offers for multiple items. You can communicate with your potential trading partners privately or publicly. Once your trade is confirmed, you are responsible for the timely delivery of your item. Users provide feedback on their trading experience and are rated on their performance.

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BarterQuest is a free site. There are no registration fees, no membership fees, no trading fees, and no listing fees. However, you will be charged a $10 onetime verification fee before you can actively trade.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Robin – Free Personal Voice Assistant for Android Phones

If you are one of the new migrants from iOS to Android smart phone, you may be missing SIRI – Voice Assistant. While there are numerous alternatives on the Android open market of applications, many users claim that the application called Robin, the Siri Challenger, can be considered indeed as valid replacement for SIRI, and in some aspects it even exceeds its common capabilities.

The application for Android Robin was created mostly for drivers so they may keep their hands on the wheel, while performing all the operations with their phones, which they normally do with eyes and fingers in other situations. Robin is your advanced personal voice assistant for local information, GPS navigation, communication and fun! You can ask Robin for directions and places, parking and traffic, your Facebook and Twitter news, gas prices and weather, reminders and alarms, text messages and jokes and much more - all hands-free.

You can even teach Robin a few things like your name, where your home or work is, and even your birthday for horoscopes. Do you want a male voice instead of the default female voice? No problem, you can change that as well.

If you like Waze, an excellent personal navigator, you would be happy to know that Robin uses Waze as the navigation program of choice.

Here are some examples of useful commands, which may illustrate Robin capabilities:

• Where is the nearest Starbucks?... Can I park there?
• Find Thai restaurants in SF... How about French?
• Find a burger place ... Does it have a good rating?

• Go to 1234 Lombard San Francisco
• Directions to Hollywood and Highland

• Where can I park?
• Find cheapest parking around Union Square... Anything closer/cheaper?
• Can I reserve it?.. Let’s go there!

• What is the traffic like near Hollywood?

Gas Prices
• Where is the cheapest gas in Santa Monica?

• What's the weather like in San Diego tomorrow?
• Is it snowing in Moscow?

Facebook & Twitter
• Read my Twitter feed
• Update Facebook

Texting, calling & email
• Call Joe / text Jill
• Read my email to me

• Remind me to exercise tonight!

• Tell me a joke!


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Developers’ website: http://robingets.me/

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