Friday, October 7, 2016

iNoJB - Cydia alternative with no jailbreak!

I do not use iOS anymore. Due to the lack of flexibility and lower choice of the available software, I have moved long time ago to the combination of Windows and Android on my electronic gadgets. For the same reason, I am really publishing any hints, related to Mac and iOS.

But if you are a devoted iOS fan, you are probably familiar with Cydia – a more or less legal alternative to the Apple's App Store, which can be installed on the "jailbroken" devices. Jailbreaking is the process of the iOS modification, which prevents many careful users from getting this services and extending the software choice capabilities.

From these perspectives, iNoJB is the alternative to Cydia, offering the similar capabilities, but not requiring the jailbreaking the devices. Using the wider capabilities, offered by the software, included in iNoJB, you will be able to the way you use your phone.

Main Features:
* Quick
The iNoJB site and app run on powerful dedicated servers, allowing you to use the app with ease and speed! Any advertisements on the site help us pay for the servers. Please don't be angry if you see them.

* Customizable
Everything in iNoJB is customizable. Custom repositories, themes, user accounts, and more!

* Easy
Our simple and detail packed user interface makes it easy for anyone to use iNoJB with ease!

* Global
The site runs on a server with extreme speed. Allowing us to push all content hosted on the site to anyone around the globe!

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