Monday, July 21, 2014

How to find new music online?

If you ask Professor Google a question on how to find new music online, you will definitely get tons of suggestions. While all of them are quite legitimate, here is one great way to find new music from the blogosphere. The free service Noon Pacific creates a “mixtape” of up-and-coming songs, all picked by some of the most prominent music blogs on the Web, and delivers it every Monday at noon Pacific time. The interface is very simple and user friendly, representing a list of all the mixtapes, with this week’s addition at the top.

It’s the easiest way to hear the best 10 songs of the week, without having to dig through various blogs, reviews, and new tabs. Best of all, the mix is delivered to your inbox by email at Noon every Monday, so all you have to do is press play. Note that you will have to subscribe via email to receive notification when new material is available. That is optional however, since you can enjoy the service without need to register or sign in.

Creator: Clark Dinnison, Hermosa Beach, California

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