Thursday, July 3, 2014

International phone-to-phone calls, which are really FREE

Make holiday calls to family and friends overseas at no charge with The service gives you 10 minutes of free talk time to more than 60 countries. The process is simple: just find your local access number on the website and dial it. After listening to a short ad, your call will be connected. A beep lets you know when your time is up. Calls can be placed from a landline or cell phone. 

How to use the service?

* Verify the country you are going to call is on the list.
* Find your local phone number on the list.
* Dial any telephone number (landline) in the allowed destinations, using the standard USA dialing sequence. You will pay for a local call as you would normally do with your phone carrier.
* Listen to short (10-12 seconds) ad.
* Talk to the recipient. The call recipient receives a normal call from you (no ad on their side).
* Listen for short beeps 30 seconds before your call is disconnected.


* You can make an unlimited number of calls to any number during a day using Freephone2phone. However, our intention is not for you to make a full 10-minute call, hang up, then call back the same number and speak for another full 10 minutes over and over. For this reason, if you make, say, an 8-minute call (or more than 5 minutes) to a number, you can then make two more 6-minute calls to that number for the rest of that day. You can still call make 10-minute calls to other numbers during that day.
* No sign up is required. However, if you don't live in the US, you cannot use Freephone2phone.
* In some countries, 10-minute calls were limited to 5 minutes each due to routing capacity (consult to the list).
* Cell phone users: DO NOT PRESS "SEND" when you enter a destination number or your cell provider will charge you! Just dial the number on the system and you will be connected.
* All calls using Freephone2phone must originate in the US. If you travel outside the US, you should not use your US-based cellular phone to reach Freephone2phone. Your US mobile provider will charge you a roaming fee if you use Freephone2phone outside your standard coverage area.

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