Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Sidekick for Gmail: Enhance your Email Experience

Gmail is great!!! But some developers believe it can be better. And these developers create new plugins, adds-ons, and browser extensions to serve the particular gaps they believe exist in the Google Email service offerings.

Sidekick by HubSpot provides the advanced capabilities, offering powerful contact insight right in your inbox:
* See a person's title, company, social profiles, and recent tweets.
* See recent conversations, email opens/clicks, and other email activity

You can also see easily, who opens and clicks on your emails, giving you the instant feedback you may be looking for:
* Never be stuck wondering. Instantly know when your email was opened.
* See where, when, and how many times they opened/clicked.

With this powerful extension, you can schedule emails to be sent later:
* Schedule emails to be sent in the future.
* Create recurring emails to be dispatched later.

Extension works with…
- Gmail
- Outlook,
- Apple Mail
- Salesforce
- Hubspot

Developers’ website:

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