Thursday, May 7, 2015

FileZigZag – Free Online File Conversion Service

There are some actions, which we may need to perform just occasionally on our computers. If that is a case, there may not be much value to install the dedicated software, if there are real and productive opportunities of using the free online services, reaching the same goals. One of the examples of such activities may be the file format conversion. And FileZigZag may be a good solution.

FileZigZag is a Free Online File Conversion, Free Cloud Storage and file sharing services that enables you to securely share and access files online without download any software.

FileZigZag supports different conversions - Video Converter, Audio Converter, Image Converter, Documents Converter, Archive Converter and many formats.

The service is free, fast, easy, and efficient. What else you may need!

Popular Conversions
DOC to PDF | Word to PDF | MP4 to AVI | MP4 to MP3 | WAV to MP3 | WMA to MP3 | FLV to MP4 | AVI to MP4 | AVI to MP4 | FLV to AVI | DOCX to PDF | MOV to AVI | PNG to JPG | AIFF to MP3 | JPG to PNG | MOV to FLV | SWF to WAV | ZIP to TAR | RAR to ZIP | PDF to Word

The complete list of the supported formats is very long, covering most of the files extensions you can think of.

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