Thursday, May 21, 2015

How to identify music in YouTube videos?

This week, I posted video of me dancing at the Dance Outside! Festival in Oakland and activated the video monetization option. Next day, I have been notified that the monetization has been canceled because the author copyrighted the audio, played as the music background. Wow, I thought! In spite of the relatively low audio quality, the embedded YouTube algorithm has allowed to recognize the audio composition and get all the associated information.

To my surprise, I have discovered that there is freely available online service, allowing you to do the same. The only purpose of MooMash is to identify music, used as background, in YouTube videos.

The process is simple and straightforward:
* Paste a YouTube link.
* Click the "moo" button.
* Wait for identification.

Depending on how long the video is and how many videos are currently being analyzed, it can take a couple of seconds or up to 15 minutes for the team of highly trained cows to go through the video and compare its sound to the 7 million songs they memorized. In my case, the identification process took no more than 20 seconds.

As added bonus, you get advice on any similar identified videos that may interest you, which might be quite handy if you found music clip you like, and you want to check other songs from the same group or composer.

The service is free, fast, and does not require membership or registration.

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