Monday, May 12, 2008

33 Best Parental Control Freeware Utilities

The Internet is a wonderful educational tool for kids, but it also iincreasingly introduces new dangers and content that can negatively affect them. As a parent you obviously want to protect your children from viewing pornography and adult websites. And disconnecting Internet from your home PC is, probably, not the best way to deal with the problem.

The prepared rating list covers the top 33 freeware utilities to prevent inappropriate content to be delivered to your kids with brief description, access links, and rating.


Teddy said...

Your article makes many good points about the value of parental control software; but I would be hesitant to leave a job that important to freeware utilities. My wife and I installed a program called Spector Pro on our daughter’s computer and it has allowed us to monitor her internet activity discreetly and easily. It also allows us to block her access to inappropriate web sites as allowing us to restrict the times of day she uses the internet. No, it was not free, but it was worth every penny. I wouldn’t surf the ‘net without a quality anti virus and security program; why would I protect my computer by purchasing quality software but not do the same to protect my own child?

We originally purchased the program because we were concerned about her use of MySpace and Facebook. One of the main reasons we chose Spector Pro was because it has separate recording features for these sites. I can see all the MySpace and Facebook information separately; including login information, profiles she is viewing and who is viewing her; it even lets me when she posts to her blog or posts pictures.

The Spector Pro program also records all her keystrokes, chats, emails and it even takes snap shots of the screen that I can play back like a VCR. It allows me to see everything that has been on the computer screen.

This program has been a real life saver. It not only allowed us to correct some issues we were concerned with; but it now gives us the piece of mind that comes from knowing EXACTLY what she is doing online.

I can’t recommend it highly enough; in fact my wife is a school teacher and recommends this program to many of her students’ parents. Just Google Spector Pro and check out their web site. You will see what I mean.

Michael Pekker said...

Hi Teddy,
Thank you for taking your time and providing feedback. I did not personally installed the anti-parental software on my son's PC (he is 11), but I might do that in the nearest future. So far, I did not test the programs personally, and the one, you recommended looks pretty good.
However, in general terms, I would disagree that the "freeware" means low quality. Usually, you get what you pay for. But... AVG free antivirus is beating most of the paid competitors. Free VLC media player beats many paid competitors, free CCleaner - the same.
Tell you truth, I almost never purchase software, but can successfully operate not just for home purposes, but also fixing customer computers in the office, when I have time. I have 12 GB of the portable freeware on my USB, and I can do almost everything with computer, matching the most expensive computer programs performance.

jon said...

Some more tools

Michael Pekker (AKA Nesher) said...

Good tools. However, they are not free, even you can freely download the software

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