Friday, May 23, 2008

67 Best Online Photo Editors

Many ideas for the blog posts and other related activities are coming from you - readers of this blog. Last week, I got a question on the best free online image editor on the market. Since I knew nothing on the topic, I hold an investigation. The results were inputted as usual to the RateItAll Rating List. The advantage of all online service in their relative independence from the software you are having on your PC and ability to access from any computer. For example, in the middle of the adventure trip, you came to the Internet Cafй in Nairobi, and you want to enhance and to send your top picks to your friends. In this situation, online image editor will be all you need.

The Rating list will present the best online image editors (at the moment this post is written there are 40 list entries), that are already in high demand among bloggers and regular users, interested in sharing their pictures. There is nothing to download or install, as all editing is done via the browser. Set of expected features to be covered: Resizing - Scaling - Rotating - Flipping - Cropping - Adding Text -Adding Clipart - Color Correction - Grayscale - Colorizing - Setting Transparency - Photo Optimization - Reducing File Size - Editing Photo Dimensions, and others. Different services are providing different service offerings, so you might need to keep on your record several complementing sites to cover all spec of your potential needs.

Access the Rating List:


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Anonymous said...

I use to edit my photos

Michael Pekker (AKA Nesher) said...

Appreciate your link. The service looks descent upon brief review. Posted in the Rating list with rating 4:

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