Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Start your Free Images Search Here!

You need images for your Web Site, Blog, greeting card, or school project. Where would you go to search for the free pics? Flickr is a good starting point.

A fresh service, compfight, is supposed to propose a better searching capabilities for the Flickr hosted images, than the Flick itself, in terms of the speed of scan and quality of image search. It is not affiliated with Flickr, but uses the Flickr API, and lets you toggle Creative Commons search right under its search box. You have an option to do a full-text search on images titles and descriptions, or to limit your search just to Creative Commons licensed works only.

Results are returned on clickable thumbnail pages, 250 to a page. Choosing one will get you to the related full-image Flickr page. Simplistic interface and keeping the preferable user settings makes this user-friendly site a good option to start your images searches from.

Access Link: http://compfight.com/

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