Thursday, May 15, 2008

Zoho Free Virtual Office Suite

In December 2006, respectable computers-related magazine PC World published review of the best online office suites available at this time. The best suite among all has been announced Zoho, in comparison with other leaders as Google Docs and ThinkFree. Zoho position as free online collaborative office suite has been improved over the time.

Zoho ( is an online Web service that lets its users do almost anything online that they can do on a desktop computer-from creating documents to building a spreadsheet to managing a database, plus conferencing, project-management, chatting, and a dozen other functions listed on the main page. This service can be quite handy if you temporary or permanently lack some pieces of the desktop software, if you want to keep your data online to be accessible from different computers, or by several users, or if you trust online secure storage more than your own Hard Drive.

Suite is built very professionally, with nice set of features and characteristics. It is indeed can be your “start page” for all business related activities.


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