Monday, April 28, 2008

Aboogy - free bookmark manager and startpage

Aboogy is a free, new, innovative, and fully customizable Internet startpage and personal bookmark manager. So what? There are so many free startpages and bookmark managers, that the service should offer something new to get public attention.

Why do I think, that Aboogy is offering something different?
* You choose yourself what elements should be presented on your bookmarking page. There is set of default preloaded information that you may immediately remove.
* You create a list of links to the Web sites that you like.
* You can create categories of Web sites and group your bookmarks as you wish.
* You can easy manipulate the page elements with drag-and-drop approach.
* You can bring the most frequently used sites on the top of the page with pictures associated.
* You can import bookmarks from your browser for mild start.
* You can install a small widget to add bookmarks from your browser (IE or FireFox) with one click.
If you like the description, just check the site:

If you want to continue search for your favorite online bookmarking solution, check the rating list of 67 top social bookmarking sites on RateItAll:

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