Thursday, April 4, 2013

Funny and Creative Automatic Insult Generator

I bet there are not many of you are who are truly creative in insulting people the smart way. Here, with free service you can get artistic assistance in preparing your next insult as piece of art.

Using this service, you can insult people you know or hate with a prank page full of links to fake news and funny image generators (person’s name will show up in actual images that are downloadable).

Just send them a link (you can send out as a free anonymous e-card with a personalized evil message) to a URL/domain with their name in it (like for example). You can also change the name "on the fly" by editing the web address to look like (both dots and dashes work as name spaces/separators).

Grab the "copy & paste" HTML codes from created pages so you can add the animated insulter to your blog or websites. Try it out, you won't be the first or last!

There are almost 1,000 mean randomized insults! Each time the Macromedia Flash movie loads, 20 insults are loaded and looped over for infinity. There are several mellow background musical melodies that are random too. You can send the insult page to someone as a prank e-card (gag e-cards are much fun to pass around) with a small special message you customize (you can even make it look like it came from another email address).

Thinking about the next victim for the test run, I used the name of Gerard Depardieu, who recently made a huge fun of himself, immigrating to Russia and getting Russian citizenship.

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By the way – the fresh rumor, that his apartment in Chechnya, given to him by the territory's leader Ramzan Kadyrov, has burnt out today. He should expect something like that, while deciding to change Western Europe for Mid-Russia.

Here is animation, I got for him (individual link:
Image below is just part of this animation: 

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