Saturday, March 23, 2013

Advanced Search for Efficient Earning and Spending Frequent Flyer Miles

For the traveler who has no idea how many miles they have accumulated from their frequent flyer program (FFP) and better yet what to do with them, has a solution.

The new website is a travel meta-search engine that will show travelers which flight will give them the most miles and which partner airlines they should consider. This free site takes the complexity out of managing frequent flyer miles with a graphical representation of the traveler's current status and how they can earn enough miles for that ever elusive upgrade or reward. And, unlike other products on the market, 30K displays airfares side by side with the amount of earnable miles based on the traveler's FFP balances.

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"For the first time, travelers can see how many miles each flight earns before deciding which one to buy," says co-founder and serial entrepreneur, Alex Jawad, who after a frustrating flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong that earned him no miles, knew that there had to a better way to manage your FFP.

Added to that is's proprietary 'best deal' feature that shows the absolute best flight option for the specific user in every search based on optimizing miles earned, price, and duration. 30K also keeps track of the user's mileage balances and sends alerts whenever miles or status is about to expire. Given that more than 20% of all miles earned already come from purchases using co-branded credit cards, 30K also allows the user to know mileage accruals when paying with a credit card.

"Travelers often forget to accrue miles, let their miles expire, or enroll in several programs without reaching any of the earning thresholds," says 30K's co-founder and CMO Rui Bom.

The website is expected to create additional revenue streams for the airline industry, which has been brought to its knees by low cost flight options, with up-selling opportunities valued at an estimated US$ 5 billion. By 2015, 185,000 trips are expected to be booked online by FFP members who, according to travel industry experts, are prepared to pay, on average, an additional US$30 per flight to earn additional points.

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The site is still in development. While you are able to get fares and deals for all airlines, mileage accruals will be visible for the airlines they already signed affiliation agreement: United Airlines or Delta Airlines. More programs will be added really soon.

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