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5 Best Online Tools for Frequent Flyer Miles Management

Managing frequent flyer miles can be a pain, especially when you're ready to use your miles before they expire and need to go through the lengthy process of checking airlines and looking for frequent flyer award seats. There are a few websites that make the process much easier and allow you to consolidate and manage your frequent flyer balances, while others help you book seats or swap miles. Here's a look at some of the best online tools for managing your frequent flyer miles, where free version of the services can be considered operational.

Note that the Airlines become concerned with their customers accessing Frequent Flyer Accounts through the third parties, and started to change their arrangements with the former partners.

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Consolidate & Manage Your Miles

If you want to consolidate and manage your frequent flyer miles, here are the websites that can help:

Award Wallet

This free website is easy to use and includes an online forum for discussions.

Cost: Free for the regular account, and consumers can name their own price for AwardWallet Plus.

AwardWallet advantages in sync capabilities with hundreds of rewards programs (even retail stores and credit cards, in addition to travel programs) and its operational experience associated with fact that it is one of the oldest programs (founded in 2004). Both the regular AwardWallet account and AwardWallet Plus track reward balances for an unlimited number of programs and track rewards for family members. The regular account sends up to three expiration notifications, but AwardWallet Plus offers unlimited notices.

As of December 2012, United and Delta canceled their partnership with Award Wallet. Which does not change the fact that AwardWallet still supports more than 500 other loyalty programs.


Cost: Free (Premium membership-temporary) is offering a free lifetime Premier membership for a limited time. You can take advantage of this limited time offer that is worth $30 per year. keeps track of your various frequent flyer miles and other loyalty points in addition to a number of other services such as discovering more opportunities for you to earn additional points and showing you when your various loyalty points are about to expire.

Use the promotional code/link LFLYER to sign up for your free lifetime membership through LufthansaFlyer or use the promotional code/link MIL1CLICK to sign up for your free lifetime membership through MilitaryOneClick (if needed).

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Cost: Free and are basically the same application--the difference is that MileTracker is affiliated with USA Today and MilePort with If you register at one of the two Web sites, your login and password will work for the other one as well. MileTracker used to be available only as a downloadable software program. The service went online in 2008 but continues to provide the downloadable application. Members who have been using the desktop application and sign up for the online version can easily import their information. Both the online and downloadable versions will track your miles and provide account summaries and recent activity.

Also free, this website offers an intuitive system for managing various loyalty and frequent flyer programs at once and alerts you when your miles will expire.


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Cost: Free

Founded in 2010, this free site tracks hotel and airline rewards programs, as well as daily deal sites like Groupon and car rental programs. Users can check bonus offers to earn more miles, and its search engine capabilities show mileage redemption options. Joel Coffey, an accountant in Seattle, uses GoMiles' expiration date tracking to "see which miles are close to expiring without having to log in to each of the individual airline websites." (He's lost miles in the past due to account inactivity.) Although he and his wife don't log thousands of miles each year, Coffey says it's still useful for casual flyers to participate in mileage programs and track their miles using a single website like GoMiles.

Since 2012, GoMiles was acquired by Traxo, and now miles manager is a part of their Digital Travel Vallet.

This website works like a bulletin board and allows you to list requirements or see what other people are looking for. If you find a match you can swap. While the site works with most airlines, you'll need to pay very high fees to your airline. Fees can be as high as 2 1/2 cents per mile, which is more than most miles are worth to the average person. Each person swapping must pay this transfer fee, along with the transaction fee paid to

Stay away from trying to sell your miles, which violates the rules of every airline and may result in canceling of accrued miles, legal action and more.

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