Friday, March 15, 2013

How Legitimate are Unbelievable Car Rates through RentalCarMomma?

I am pricing a rental vehicle from Feb 16-23rd in Orlando...pickup and dropoff at we have a total of 6 people, we need a minivan or large SUV...RentalCarMomma blows away the competitors.....for a Dodge Durango for example,$956.99 with Thrifty and only $265 with RentalcarMomma apparently with Thrifty using codes...same with Dollar $956.99 with Dollar ; $269 with these codes for same vehicle through Dollar,,,what gives...I am from Canada, but frequently book in the US, ad dont buy any insurance , as I buy some kind of extra on my own car insurance here at home that they say covers me.....I want the best deal of course, but am leery because it seems to good to be true.........anyone use them lately? there anything to worry about? (From TripAdvisor Message Board).

First of all, I would like to ensure everyone that Rental Car Momma is completely legitimate agency, and the discounts you get with their help, are accepted by the rental car companies. When I first stumbled on this site and got 50% discount on my rental, my personal feelings was very similar to the expressed above. You do not have to buy anything, you do not have even to sign at the site. Just search for the most attractive discount and click through or just record the discount code.

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I decided to share this site with blog readers, since I just performed the search for a best discount again, for our summer vacation. I located overall 5 different codes and promotions, but our Momma’s was still the best, giving as much as 10% percent difference, comparing to the next best offer.

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