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7 Ways to run multiple Skype accounts on the same computer with Windows

Usually, Skype only allows you to log in with one account on one computer at the same. But what if you want to log in with multiple accounts on one PC at the same time?

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2 Methods of running multiple accounts with no additional software

To use more than one Skype account on the same computer at the same time you need to start a new instance of Skype. 
  1. From the Windows taskbar, click Start > Run (or press the Windows and R keys on your keyboard at the same time) 
  2. In the Run window, enter the following command (include the quotes) and press OK:
"C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe" /secondary

If you get an error message, copy and paste the exact command from this page and try again. Be aware that if you have changed the installation path for Skype then you will need to enter the correct path for the Skype.exe file.

If this solution fails, you can try another option: 
  1. Find the Skype executable file (Skype.exe) in: C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\ 
  2. Right click on it and select Send to > Desktop (create shortcut) 
  3. Locate the shortcut on the desktop, then right-click on it and select Properties 
  4. In the Target field, add: /secondary. The Target field should now be "C:\Program Files\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe" /secondary 
  5. Click OK. You can now start a new instance of Skype every time you double-click the new shortcut.

Multi Skype Launcher

Multi Skype Launcher is a free tool that allows you to run multiple Skype instances on one computer simultaneously.

When you have multiple Skype accounts, running all of them at the same time might be a tough challenge. Although there are some workarounds for different versions of Windows, using them is neither convenient nor practical. Try Multi Skype Launcher instead.

This free software allows launching multiple Skype accounts at the same time and on one computer as easy as it can only be. We are sure you’ll like Multi Skype Launcher no matter whether you share your computer with other Skype users or use multiple Skype accounts yourself.

Skype Launcher

Skype Launcher is a freeware tool for automatically signing-in multiple Skype accounts with just one click. It will automatically detect already signed-in Skype Accounts and only login offline accounts. So, you may sign into as many Skype accounts as you want at the same time, so you'll be able to monitor all of your phone calls, no matter which account you are signed into. To use SkypeLauncher, just add all the accounts you want to sign into. You'll be able to modify these accounts at any time, adding new ones and removing ones you don't need any more.

Skype Launcher runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It also works on 64Bit Windows versions. It supports Skype 3.X, Skype 4.X, Skype 5 and Skype 6.

After running the Launcher it will display a ad splash for some seconds, but this can be disabled via the Config tool (Advanced -> uncheck "Show Exit Splash").

Calimero Skype Launcher

Calimero Skype Launcher is a portable freeware program that lets you run multiple Skype accounts on your computer simultaneously. No installation and no registration is needed, and you can use it for unlimited number of Skype accounts.

Calimero Skype Launcher consists of 3 components:
1) CalimSkypeLauncherManager allows you setup and enter login data of your Skype accounts,
2) CalimSkypeLauncher starts and logs in set Skype accounts,
3) CalimSkypeQuickAccess allows you easy and instant access to logged in Skype accounts and selected Skype contacts.


SkyMI is a small and powerful utility that lets you run multiple instances of Skype with multiple Skype accounts at the same computer. The software is characterized by low resources consumption and encrypted account information. You can impose an optional Master password for better security. Multilanguage GUI (Spanish, English).

Using Virtual OS Prayaya

This method will help you to run two accounts of Skype through the same computer. While two is less than multi, this method will show you one more trick which can be utilize for other purposes as well.

1. You will need two things: the first is Skype installer, and the second is the free Prayaya V3, which can be downloaded from CNet:
2. Unzip the Prayaya V3 and install it on your hard disk or removable storage device like USB flash drive, etc.
3. Log in to Prayaya V3. You will find it just the same as your Windows OS.
4. You can install you favorite applications in it. Now we are going to install Skype.
5. Go to My Computer, find the Skype installer where you put it before and click to install. After that, you will find Skype already in the new virtualized environment that Prayaya created.
6. Run Skype now and log in with one of your accounts.
7. Notice the toolbar on the top on your virtual environment. Click the one in the middle and then you will be switched into your Host PC.
8. Now run Skype and log in with the other account of your Skype. Note the two will never interfere with each other.
The same way, you can run any other programs or games, using separate OS on the same PC like this.

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