Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Flowers2Mail: Send Virtual Flowers by Email

Sometimes, simple, straightforward, and customizable services may help you to manage complicated life events. Sending holiday greetings is a service of high demand, therefore there are multiple mostly free online services, helping you with the process.

Flowers2mail is one of the personalized innovative ways to send a greeting online. It offers fast and simple way to design your own virtual flower bouquet along with the greeting card. So, you can choose the particular flowers and a color, your recipient is fond of, getting extra points for non-formal and non-standard approach.

The main advantage of this tool is that it is a single page flash based service where you can create a virtual greeting card with flowers of your choice and mail it to the person in seconds.

The procedure is simple: choose the vase, color, drag and drop photos into the vase, then type the message you want to send a person to receive flowers on the card that will be attached to the vase. Then enter name, email address of sender and receiver.

There is no need to subscribe or login to the site, and no strings attached.

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