Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Adventurous Music Discovery with Shazam

Sometimes, you hear a song, or just fraction of the melodic tune, and you like it a lot at once. But, how can you identify what you just listened? How can you get more songs from the same singer or group? Let Shazam work for you, perform instant investigation and let you know the details.

Just hold your phone up to the music to identify a track, buy it, watch the video, get the lyrics, play in Spotify, and more!

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The service guarantees free and unlimited usage: Shazam identifies music instantly, so tag as often as you like with no monthly limits! See full-screen lyrics that play in time to the music you’re tagging with new feature LyricPlay - learn the lyrics you thought you knew.

It is not magic, it is technology! Shazam identifies songs based on an audio fingerprint based on a time-frequency graph called the spectrogram. Shazam stores a catalog of audio fingerprints in a database. The user tags a song for 10 seconds and the application creates an audio fingerprint based on some of the anchors of the simplified spectrogram and the target area between them. For each point of the target area, they create a hash value that is the combination of the frequency at which the anchor point is located, the frequency at which the point in the target zone is located, and the time difference between the point in the target zone and when the anchor point is located in the song. Once the fingerprint of the audio is created, Shazam starts the search for matches in the database if there is a match, the information is returned to the user, and otherwise it returns an error.

With Shazam, you can:
○ Save and listen again (30 sec previews)
○ See full-screen lyrics in time to music
○ Buy tracks on Amazon MP3
○ Watch videos on YouTube
○ Listen to your tagged music in Spotify
○ Share tags on Facebook & Twitter
○ Learn the lyrics you thought you knew
○ Discover new music from your Shazam Friends and Shazam Tag Chart
○ Tag TV shows and commercials for exclusive content - Look for the Shazam Logo!
○ Find out when an artist is on tour and buy concert tickets
○ Use it when you don’t have a signal
○ Tag music straight from your home screen with the Shazam widget
○ Remember where you tagged a track with Location

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Shazam is available for multiple platforms, so you can use the application with any smart phone: iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile 7, Nokia, iPad, and others. The description above is absolutely relevant for Android, for other systems, the set of features might be slightly different. iPhone usually get the new features first.

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