Saturday, May 28, 2016

How to send or share big files up to 20 GB for free?

You created a high-definition video, and you need to share a clip, which may take several GB with your buddies. When you will start experimenting with free sharing capabilities, you will understand that it is not so easy to find a nice way of doing that, when you need to transfer a big chunk of data. Now, you can try MyAirBridge…

By using the application you can send your data easily, reliably, and safely anywhere, to anyone, and anytime. The service is free of charge and registration for all users. You can send up to 20GB per one package. Do not worry anymore about how to send your high quality video or a large package of high quality photos to your family and friends, or for instance a whole work project and your work output to a requestor.

Where is the catch? The catch is simple – file expiration. If you have a free account, your friends should retrieve the data immediately, otherwise, it will be deleted. You want to keep it longer on the cloud – you may sign for paid account plans.

The free account conditions:

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