Thursday, February 6, 2014

How SaneBox improves your Gmail?

I like Gmail. It is better than all its competitors in smart filtering of spam and unsolicited promotional messages. However, it is still takes time and efforts to filter what is really important, what can wait, and what can be deleted right away. Overwhelmed with total amount of the electronic communication, one may easily oversee the items, which are really important.

A newly created free service SaneBox helps to manage the inbox with small but significant useful features. For example, it looks at your relationships and creates automatically a Gmail label called SaneTop, listing your most important contacts and placing all related communication there. Tha would be probably the first thing you would check in the morning or when you have limited amount of time. 

SanBox also creates a label called SaneLater. Here, it places the emails which are less important, not time sensitive, and can be reviewed later.

SaneBox is easy to setup with couple of clicks, allowing continuing working within Gmail, so all your settings and preferences remain intact.  

Everyone cares on the electronic communication safety, so you can be assured that SaneBox is very safe. The content of your emails is never read or stored on any servers. SaneBox only examines email headers for classification - not the content. And it is easy to roll everything back if you do not like the changes.

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