Thursday, February 13, 2014

TalkTyper – your virtual online secretary

Since the previous post on the free Dictation service in Chrome attracted readers’ attention, I would like to review today another online application – TalkTyper, also offering you the opportunity to dictate your text. This so called Speech-to-Text (STT) service is absolutely free for everyone, with no need of account creation.

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How it works?

* Visit the main page at
* Select the language you need from the drop down menu at the right top corner of the pad.
* Click the microphone icon to the left and begin speaking.
* Try to dictate about one sentence at a time, and not very fast. When the speech is recognized, it will appear in red.
* If you want to hear it, click on the Speaker icon.
* If your speech wasn't recognized correctly, click the Alternatives button to view other 'recognitions', or just try again.
* If the text is acceptable, click the button with the arrow pointing down - Accept - and your text will be added to the box at the bottom.
* Repeat this process until you're finished.
* When you're all done, click the Copy button and then paste it into your document, email, blog, or tweet! (If the copy button doesn't work for you, remember that the shortcut for copying is "Ctrl-C").
* If you want the text translated, simply click the button and choose the translating language. TalkTyper automatically opens a new browser tab with your text inserted into Google Translate.

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Note that you can also dictate basic punctuation by saying things like "period", "question mark", "new paragraph", etc.

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