Friday, January 31, 2014

Movie Planet - 5,000 Free movies Online (Android, iOS, Windows)

Movie Planet is a free service offering you to watch over 5,000 Free movies Online, with database, updated on a daily basis. You can watch the movies as on your desktop computer, as on your tablet.

For those, who are strictly law obedient citizens, it is important to highlight that the content, provided in the Movie Planet app, is hosted by YouTube and is available in public domain, thus the viewing is absolutely legally allowed. The service does not upload any Movies to YouTube, or use any questionable sources on the list. This app is developed to provide you content in organized and orderly matter, saving you valuable time for browsing and checking YouTube Videos one-by-one.

Movie Planet arranges daily scans the YouTube servers to locate the best free and full movies on for you. Watch Sci-fi, Horror, Crime, War, Western, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, History, Mystery, Drama, Thriller, Musicals... and does not pay a dime.

You can sort by year, IMDB rating, Alphabet, and new releases... Soon more languages and subtitles will be supported.

Main Features:
* Streaming Full movies.
* Sorting by IMDB Rating, New releases.
* Movie Information including synopsis and actors.
* New releases Updates.
* Search bar
* For better performance it is recommended to use fast Internet: 3G or Wi-Fi.

Developer gives assurance that none of your data will be used, collected or processed. This application might stream videos, play sounds, or show content and nothing more. No IP address, no tinkering, no sneaking information around.


Developer: Polosoft

Download applications from the links below (choosing the right platform):

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