Saturday, January 4, 2014

How would your Future Baby Look Like?

You are married and you are thinking about having a baby. Would you be interesting to take a glimpse in the future to see how your baby would look like?

There are several baby pictures generators on the Web which offer you such free services in more or less humorous matter. The approach is usually the same – you upload your picture and picture of your future partner, and the online utility will generate the baby picture for you based on the smart fix of the facial features taken from both “parents”.

We will check several services for results and compare their outcomes. For this test, we will take the pictures of the famous actors Dicaprio and Portman. I guess, there is no need to present them. Here are the pictures:

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So, let’s check now.

1. MakeMeBabies

MakeMeBabies is using advanced face detection technology to predict what your baby will look like. Upload your photo, your partner's photo and make a baby in seconds! You can also make babies with our listed celebrities or send baby invites to your friends.

Registration is not required unless you want to save your results online. Otherwise, you can download freely your results.

Our test results:

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2. BabyPictureMaker

Baby Picture Maker uses face recognition algorithms along with human expert quality assurance to produce highly probable approximation of your future baby. Just upload picture of you and your partner and Baby Picture Maker will produce the most appropriate look. Developers use asynchronous analysis which means that when the analysis is done and the experts confirm the output you will get an email with link to analysis result. So, the results are not instant.

Based on the analysis of the pictures you’ve sent our analytical software picked this picture as the closest appearance of your future child.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

3. Baby Morpher

Wondering what your future babies will look like? Give our Baby Morpher a whirl and eliminate some of that nagging suspense. Upload your photo along with your partner's and voila - you've made a baby! Really want to go wild? Try morphing your photo with your favorite celebrities.

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4. Face Effect

Faceeffect offers slightly different service, when you cannot upload your own images, but just select from the wide list of celebrities instead. We will use it just to control the results and compare the outputs.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic


As you see, the results are so different that you probably still make your own baby to find which service is the best.

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