Monday, December 16, 2013

Sharefest – free secure and anonymous data sharing

Sharefest is an open-source HTML5 based file sharing application that is free, anonymous, and direct.  It does not use cloud storage, as most similar services on the Web. Instead it is based on a direct P2P model like Bittorrent, and it uses WebRTC Datachannel for file sharing.  WebRTC is a joint initiative by Google, Mozilla, and Opera to allow high quality real time communications in the web browser.


* Secure. Your files will not be stored anywhere. Furthermore, no one else besides the recipients (including will have access to the shared files. Solid encryption is used to make it bulletproof.
* Anonymous. There is no need to sign up and give any information to use the service.
* Unlike Bittorrent, no special software is needed to share or download shared files.
* No size or file type limitations.

How it works:

* Loading the file is easy. Click or drag-and-drop any file to instantly share!
* Once you add a file, Sharefest creates a dynamic URL that is used to get the file directly from your browser. Your browser will serve the file temporarily, as long as you keep the tab open. When users enter this unique URL to the browser, they will start instantly receiving pieces of the file. If there are multiple recipients, the same as BitTorrent, each downloaded data will be shared with others, making the process fast and tension-free to your source.

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Limitations: You may need to update your browsers to the latest revisions: Chrome (27 or newer) or Firefox (20 or newer).

Sharefest started by Peer5 at the SV DevFest 2012 hackathon (San Jose). It was soon open sourced to GitHub and now being developed by Peer5 and a community of great WebRTC hackers.

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