Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Kick Resume – Professionally Looking Resume Online

Getting a job is not an easy task, especially if economy is not in its best shape. You need to pass through multiple “filters” to reach successfully finish line. On each stage, number of passers will drastically decrease, and you need to be ready to apply the best strategy for the best self-presentation.

Many job seekers cannot actually pass the first “filter”, when HR specialist or administrative assistant is performing an initial scan of the received applications. Huge part of such failure can be attributed to the poorly written, badly formatted, and unprofessionally looking resumes. Indeed, when you need to review 50 applications for 1 position, you will not spend more than 30 seconds on initial review, and your task is to make everything possible not to let it end up in the trash basket or trash bin of the email client.

KickResume is a free service, allowing you to build from scratch professionally looking resume and download the ready to distribute document to your computer. The task can be competed fast and efficient since you do not need to worry for inadequate formatting the document. Follow 6 simple steps:

1. Click on the “Create a CV” button on the top taskbar.
2. Choose your own design from 4 proposed templates.

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3. Fill in your personal data.
4. Check carefully for content and grammar.
5. Save or print the document.
6. Edit and change designs, if needed.

Site interface is developed in several languages, among them English, Spanish, German, and Russian.

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