Sunday, December 15, 2013

Get free 100GB of virtual space from

Shared is a new cloud storage service that helps people upload all their files quickly and efficiently from anywhere. With Shared, you can upload any file and send a link to anyone -- there's no requirement for them to sign up and there's nothing to install. Want to send a PDF or need to backup all your digital music? No problem, with Shared, you can upload and keep your files private and share what matters.

Shared is a cloud storage platform that connects you with your files, built on a robust system and high security data center. The highest developer’s priority is keeping your privacy and files secure.

Get started with 100GB of free storage. If you need more space, you may upgrade anytime. Access your files from any Internet connected smart phone or tablet.

Based in San Francisco, Shared Media is a network of media hosting sites providing utility based services for data and content storage.

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Main Features:

* Upload, organize and share your files quickly without the hassle.
*Shared was built with speed and efficiency in mind. Our powerful cloud storage let you upload your files faster than ever.
* Share what you want with whom you want. Your files are private and we maintain the highest level of security for all your data.
* The offered plans are suitable for anyone.
* Everything is done online to make sure uploading and sharing is as simple as possible.
* Organize your files into folders and share them with friends.
* Easy and fast sign-up, and your virtual space is instantly available.

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