Tuesday, November 27, 2012

File Convoy – Free Large Files Exchange Service

In line with modern software development, the HDD size in the home computers is steadily increasing. It is also understandable that the size of the individual files, you might need to transfer remotely, is growing up. While there are many free services on the market, offering you assistance in transferring and sharing large files, there are always size limitations. Most large file transfer websites allow you to send 100 to 300 MB max for free. Few offer support for free sharing of the files up to 2 GB in size.

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Today, we are going to present File Convoy, free online service, allowing sharing large files up to 2 GB each with no need to register or download software on your computer through your browser. The following browsers are supported:
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.0 and above
  • Gecko-based browsers like Mozilla, Mozilla Firefox, SeaMonkey, Epiphany, Galeon and Netscape version 7.1 and above
  • Browsers implementing the KHTML API version 3.2 and above, including Konqueror version 3.2 and above, and Apple Safari version 1.2 and above
  • Opera browsers version 8.0 and above, including Opera Mobile Browser version 8.0 and above
The service is pretty simple to use. Select your files and click on the button "Upload". When the upload is finished, URL links will be displayed. These links will be use by the recipients to retrieve the files you sent. Copy them and send them to the recipients.

Optionally, you can use the e-mail notifications. In this case, the recipients will be notified by e-mail that you sent them some files. This e-mail will include the links required to retrieve them. You will receive e-mails to confirm your upload and the fact that the recipients have downloaded the files.

You can also setup the time limit, the data should be stored on the server – from 2 hours up to 7 days.

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