Sunday, October 14, 2012

Measuring your Beauty Score at Anaface

Not all the free services, presented on this blog, are practically useful for your daily life. But, having some fun is also extremely important part of our life. So, today we would like to present totally useful, but still funny online service for your entertainment.

Anaface is a simple online graphic evaluation service, willing to give you detailed analysis on your face features. Thus, you are getting brief evaluation on your face with remarks of how your features fit the algorithm, compiled by developers. You also get a facial beauty score, computed based on the geometry of your face.

Operation is simple and straightforward. It does not require account creation or login, so your evaluation will remain strictly anonymous. You can load the picture from your computer or from online link, and then follow instruction on marking the 17 facial points one-by-one. As you done, the assessment is shown similar to one presented below:

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To get the best outcomes, be sure to choose a full-face photo, avoiding even slight turns left and right. And if you get score, you do not like, do not get distressed over. This is all for fun, but have nothing to do with real beauty perception by real people.

And the most important is, you are beautiful, and you should feel beautiful, and only then other people will see you are beautiful.

Website for fun:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Tiwaking said...

Most people like people who look similar to themselves. The anaface website is really good for finding out your physical strengths and weaknesses. In fact, try using it on ex partners and it usually comes up with frighteningly similar scores to your own

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