Wednesday, October 10, 2012

How to Access Blocked Website Easily?

As any great invention, Internet use has its own perceived drawbacks. Employers do not like much when their employees spent time on activities unrelated to the direct work responsibilities, and Internet gives so many opportunities to waste valuable time. Therefore many companies block their workers from accessing social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, Myspace etc. Employees are definitely very resourceful to find ways and methods to bypass the imposed restrictions, and more innovative the networking administrators are, more innovative the applied approaches.

The most popular methods to access blocked websites are using Proxies or Anonymizer websites. But both these methods may be complicated to use, and quite unreliable, with loopholes eventually closed by experienced admins.

Today, we would like to propose a different way to resolve the block through Screen Resolution Checker. Screen Resolution Checker is a free service, which has actually been developed for entirely unrelated reason. It was designed for webmasters to help them check how their website looks in different screen resolutions. But, smart users found a different application for it. Note that it may work only on Internet Explorer browser, offering an alternative way to access blocked sites. You can click on the internal links and navigate normally through the desired website with no difficulties.

The drawback is that the screen size for the embedded restricted website is smaller than your monitor screen, so it might be not so convenient to review and create new content.

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