Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Humans vs. Computers: Infographic Comparison

Once, about 10 years ago, my son – he was 5 at the time – asked me: “Daddy, there are so many things computer can do, which I cannot, so sometimes I want to have such capabilities. Do you think computer also wants to be able to do, what I can do?”

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Yes, he was born in the computer epoch, and he does not understand in depth of his heart how could we live without these smart machines and multiple large and small smart gadgets, helping us everywhere.

The evolution of computers has made countless things possible for humans to do. Our trusty computer is capable of doing a number of things in the least amount of time making it a very convenient household appliance. Nowadays, a computer is a necessity as it can speed up the way you do your work, shopping, research and so much more. In the beginning, humans put a lot of effort into conditioning computers and networks to work the way we thought was optimal. It turns out that computers are so highly organized that we are now being conditioned by them!

The high tech computers development is lighting fast. Remember DOS Operating systems? It was not so far back in time. Remember 5.25-inch diskettes? You may still find them in the rural garage sale.

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There are multiple Science Fiction stories, offering futuristic and catastrophic, funny and sad views on the possibility of the computers domination. But, how far more does technology have to advance before its starts to live up to science fiction? How long do we have before our computers rule the world? Below is a light hearted look at computers vs. humans’ infographic comparison as of today.

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