Friday, February 24, 2012

Seating Arrangement - Free Wedding and Event Planning Online

Wedding is a very important turning point in your life. You want to invite all the people you live and respect, you want that this day will be memorized years and years. And planning this complicated and expensive event might take much more time and resources than you have available. If you ready to transfer it to professionals, that solves it all. In case, you are ready to spend additional funds to the wedding planner and his/her team. But, if you are tight on budget, you might still be able to handle it properly with online free wedding assistant.

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Free services from Seating Arrangement will do like that – will help you to organize this event. As a matter of fact, the services will help you to arrange any event – retirement party, family reunion, or big round anniversary.

What can Seating Arrangement do for you?
  • Design the Floor Plan
  • Manage the Guest List
  • Manage Menu Options
  • Track RSVPs
  • Assign Seating
  • Generate Guest List Reports
  • Print the Floor Plan
  • Print Place Cards
  • Access your project from any computer
  • Work on the same project from multiple locations
  • Collaborate with others
  • Share event information with others
  • Automatically have your project backed up
  • Find wedding and event professionals in your area and much, much more...
Seating Arrangement is absolutely free for the end user who is planning his/her own event. There are NO hidden costs.

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