Monday, February 6, 2012

Virtual Piano on your Computer – 3 Free Online Services

These are services for pure fun. You came to the party, and there are no musical instruments at your friends’ house. But, you want to show live music, and not some audio tracks on the boombox.

No problem, now you can impress your friends, if they have computer, connected to the Internet. And who have not in modern times?

So, idea is simple: you need a piano keyboard, and you have a computer keyboard instead. So, the developers need to program a virtual computer keyboard the way, that the sounds will match the buttons. Each site finds different solution, so you may chose the one, which will be suitable for you.

  1. Virtual Piano from Crystal Magic Studio

As soon as you enter the site, you get virtual piano keyboard on the screen, and you can play right away by clicking the corresponding onscreen keys with your mouse pointer. But the play is limited in this mode as you cannot click multiple keys at the same time. So, the solution is to use your computer keyboard, which will increase your artistic capabilities. To know relation between computer keyboard buttons with online piano keys, you can enable reference guide with key assist on button on the screen.

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To access the white keys, you simply click on the corresponding letters, and to access black keys you need to hold “shift” and press white button to the left of the black.

Among extra features is ability to record what you are creating, and play that later.

  1. The Virtual Piano

The Virtual Piano uses the keystrokes on your computer keyboard to play chord progressions on the piano, while simultaneously showing you how to play the same chords on a real piano.

  • To play single notes, you can click with mouth pointer on the screen.
  • You can use keystrokes 1 - 7 to play the seven chords in each key.
  • Use the LEFT and RIGHT arrow keys to play LOWER or HIGHER on the piano.
  • Change the KEY by clicking the colored key buttons above the piano keyboard, OR by using the UP and DOWN arrow keystrokes on your computer keyboard.
  • Use keystrokes A - J to play seven alternate chords in each key.

If you like the virtual piano keyboard, you can download it and use it independently on your computer, but that is shareware with $17 cost associated.

Video Presentation:

  1. Button Beats

The basics of this virtual keyboard from the previous services were developed by ButtonBeats, who offers a different set of options on their website. You can operate the virtual piano keyboard both with mouth pointer and computer keyboard, and you can also record fruits of your inspiration.

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On this site, there are some other interesting options, so you can virtually play other instruments as well. Definitely worth taking a look…

I started from the claim that these service for pure fun. I take back this statement, as they might be useful for beginners, learning playing piano as well.   


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