Saturday, June 4, 2011

Funny Photo Effects from PicJoke

I always like these opportunities to create funny pictures from the available photos, making festive atmosphere during a party or allowing to prepare amazing outstanding greeting card.

PicJoke will do most of hard work for you. Choose a nice template to start your transformation. There are so many readymade templates, that you can definitely fine one suite your needs. Click on the dates in the left side bar. Each date represents unique collection of the templates, loaded at this date.

You may do photo collages with the photos of yourself, your family and friends, children,  and even your boss. Maybe, creating your boss picture in the special funny matter will help you to survive at work, reducing negative emotional perception.

As your funny picture is ready you can share your masterpiece with your friends - send the link by mail, through social networks, or publish your work in your blog.

Access website:

Some Samples:

Funny Pictures

Funny Pictures

Funny Pictures

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