Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How to crop audio files online?

You have a mobile phone, where you want install customized ringtones. You want to share a fragment of the song with your friends. You need to prepare an audio mix for your presentation. In these, and many other instances, you need to perform a seemingly simple task – you need to crop your audio file in the preset locations to get a particular music fragment.

If you do such operation frequently, you have already the software utility on your desktop for cutting and splitting audio files. But, what if you need that occasionally, and you prefer not to clog your computer with rarely used software? What if you far away from your computer, or simply need to upload the particular fragment to your smartphone as ringtone?

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With a free service of the mp3cut.net website the mp3 cutting can be performed fast and simple, with no user experience or related expertise. You will face no complexities. At first, press the “Upload mp3” button, choose the needed file and wait till it is uploaded and ready for procession. As soon as the file is available for editing – it depends on the speed of your connection to the Internet – slightly below the mentioned button the track will become pink, and the play button will become red. Now you can crop mp3. You have two sliders, which indicate the beginning and the end of the needed fragment of the song. Then, press the “Cut mp3 and Download” button. The download will start immediately.

Simple concept - fast and reliable processing… What may be better?

No registration or sign-up is necessary. Interface in English and Russian.

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