Wednesday, October 28, 2009

JPGFun: Apply Funny Photo Effects to your Images for Free

All my publications related to the free services helping you to make fun of your pictures with no experience and long hours to spend, were warmly accepted by readers, and I noticed immediate traffic increase impact from this site.

Jpgfun is one more easy-to-use free online service to edit your own photos, loaded on their server. You can improve your pics with multiple funny effects and nice frames, presented on the site (182 templates, as of today), or put your photo on a magazine cover through offered templates (40 templates, as of today). Authors even offer you some erotic backgrounds as well, if you want to make your images really spicy.

You can share your pictures-collages with your friends, discuss them, and laugh at them as much as you wish. Everything is included, and it is free.

How to Use JpgFun:

1. Upload your photo
2. Select what effect you want to use.
3. Mark the area you need. Click 'Create Picture'.

Also you are given a code which you can easily place on your blog or in your profiles at MySpace, Facebook, Orkut, Hi5 etc to show the photo to everybody.

Access the website:

If you like Jpgfun and want to explore its competitors, please check the following free services as well:


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