Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Music that follows you Everywhere

Free service, which represent one of the easiest ways to get your music everywhere you want it. Just load it once, and listen on your PC, MAC or mobile phone. And it keeps it in sync with no wires, no hassle.

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mSpot offers customized software for all platforms: PC/Macs, set tops, tablets and hundreds of handsets, including iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile, Palm, an assortment of feature phones.

Using mSpot as a hub for your music collection, you can easily synchronize your personal music collection from your PC or MAC to the mSpot cloud via the mSpot desktop client and web interface at  The mSpot music cloud is the heart of your multi-device music collection. As soon as your music is uploaded, you can manage it as you like, perform device synching, create playlist and listen to music wherever you go. Once your collection has been uploaded to the mSpot Cloud, you can access and play your music seamless from your mobile phone. Your music is literally transferred to your device so that you even have access to it when you are offline. Also, you naturally can access your entire music collection on any computer with access to the Internet: from internet cafĂ©, library, or from your friend’s netbook.  It doesn't matter how big your hard drive is; you can access every song in your music library remotely on a MAC or PC via the mSpot Music cloud web based interface.

Sounds interesting?

Check for yourself!

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