Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free Mass Image Editor - PicGhost!

PicGhost is just one of the multiple online photo editors to help you improve and modify your images. The most distinguished feature of this free service in ability to process multiple images simultaneously, while most of the available services currently require you to deal with each picture one-by-one.  

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Main Features:

  • Upload multiple images at once (max 20).
  • Select images to upload from your computer or website.
  • Apply effects on some or all of your images.
  • Process multiple images at the same time.
  • Resize your images using very simple settings.
  • Protect your images by adding text and watermarks.
  • Preview all images after upload and before download.
  • Download all images at once in a zipped file.
  • Process images from any computer, no software needed.
  • PicGhost proudly provides all these features for free.
  • No Pro version, or hidden fees.
  • More image editing features are coming soon.

PicGhost is rated 4 of 5 on the RateItAll list of the Free Online Image Editors:

Feel free to browse the entries to find alternative solution, if you are not satisfied with this one. 

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