Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Clipperz spells as Online Password Manager

Clipperz is a free and anonymous online password manager. The highest available security encryption within the browser guarantees that no one except you can read or fetch your personal data. The service is solely web based, and there is no need to install software on your Hard Drive or mobile devices.

If you have multiple sites you need to enter your password, or you need to fill countless online forms, yo will enjoy the convenience of Clipperz “direct logins”, allowing to access all web services with just one click.

Clipperz is not just a password manager, it’s a personal online vault for any kind of sensitive data, from burglar alarm codes to confidential notes you would like to preserve securely for convenient anytime and anyplace access.

But what happens if your Internet is down? How you will be able to access your information, stored on the remote server? Not a problem. With just one click you can dump all your encrypted data from Clipperz servers to your hard disk and create a read-only version of Clipperz to be used when you are offline and for backup purposes. The read-only version is as secure as the read-and-write one and will not expose your data to higher risks since they both share the same code and security architecture.

One more, and significant, advantage of the service is its compatibility to the most popular data saving formats. There is no need to start you database “from scratch”, as Clipperz lets you quickly import passwords and sensitive data from:
  • other password managers (Roboform, Keepass and PasswordPlus)
  • popular file formats (Excel and CSV)
And, finally, Clipperz online password manager is free and completely anonymous. Therefore the account creation process is straightforward: simply choose a username and a passphrase and you are ready to go! No email address or any other personal information is required.

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Anonymous said...

I’m using Paranotic Password Manager - this is great and is really very useful. Portable version, click-to-copy passwords, logins,emails and ect. Daily backup data to the server – you allways can restore your data file if you lost it. Recommend!

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