Monday, January 25, 2010

How you can share High Resolution pictures online

Nowadays, there are multiple websites on the web, where you can share your pictures and entire galleries for free with your friends. But giving you limited or unlimited abilities to load your pictures, the host usually limits the size and the memory amount per image you can submit. That causes certain loss of the picture quality and constrains the observation of the small details you might be fond of. Sending these images as email attachment causes even bigger headache, since email clients have strict restrictions on the attachment size.

So, when you share a photo in e-mail or online, you generally need to shrink the image down to a manageable size, throwing away most of those pixels in the process. A few thousand pixels of unexamined background from the raw image are shrunk to a dozen indistinct pixels. And if your friends are going print the photo, the detail locked into the original photo are completely lost.

Closr, a new free Web2 online service, addresses this problem by letting you upload the photos in their full-resolution size. The only limitation is that the file must be under 100MB, while a standard 12-megapixel photo is just up to 5 MB.

Closr is also a great place to show off huge panoramic photos made by stitching several high-megapixel images together. Closr can easily accept 20MB and 30MB panoramas with no complaints.

To use Closr, you must register with a screen name, e-mail, and password. Then upload a photo. It will appear in a widget on the Website, which you can use for panning and zooming to see the details that your camera captured. The magic happens when you go full screen.

Click the icon in the upper right corner of the widget, and the photo will go full screen, so you can zoom in and pan around more easily.

You can share uploaded photos by sending the URL via e-mail. If you have a Web site or blog, you can embed the widget: Click Share at the bottom of an image, and then simply copy the script at the bottom of the next page and embed in your site or blog.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The permanent link for the image, posted above, is So, you can check the service capabilities there.

The posted image isn’t static. Rather, the widget is interactive, so you can click in the picture and drag it around or use the zoom buttons for a better view.

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