Friday, January 15, 2010

Automatic Distribution of your Pictures to all your Social Networks

Pikchur is a simple service that updates your social networks and microblogging platforms with pictures. Upload photos, made with your mobile devices while on the go. And do not have to spend any more time to spread them to your multiple profiles at popular social networks. Save your pictures at once and be sure that your friends will instantly get them.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

With respect to your privacy, you can choose making a Pik itself and or Geo location (place where it was taken) private. If you make a Pik private, it will not show up on our public timeline or your public profile. This does not mean that no one can view it; your friends will just need a direct link to do so. If you make your location private, the corresponding pik's geo location will be hidden from everyone but yourself.

No need to signup, just login with one of the many supported platforms and start sending your Piks.

The service is completely free, but if you are sending photos or video from your mobile device, please verify with your wireless carrier with respect to your MMS/email capabilities and related fees.

Currently supported services: Twitter, Tumblr, Jaiku, Facebook, FriendFeed,, Plurk, Brightkite, Totspo, Koornk, Flickr, OVI, and Posterous.

Updating your micro blogging and social networks "on the go" via your mobile device is easy and straightforward:
1) Login with one of the many supported platforms.
2) Create a pikchur posting email.
3) If you would like you can also sync all your other platforms under the "Accounts" tabs in your dashboard.
4) From your mobile device either by MMS or email send your photos and videos to your "posting email". If you are using MMS, the "posting email" goes where you would normally place the phone number of the person you wish to send the photo to. For quick access the next time be sure to add your posting email to your phone book!
5) Please remember to add a status message in the subject line of your MMS/email or leave the subject blank and enter your message in the body of your MMS/email.

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